The Beekeeper (2024)

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The Beekeeper is a radical time at the movies, combining just enough B-movie silliness with a story that engages and massively entertains! Jason Statham movies often come with a certain stigma surrounding the quality of the film and stories, but they’re also largely thought of as badass action flicks. It’s a critical grey area that exists for viewers and reviewers, as they’re films that often defy conventional criticism and aren’t made to receive accolades and resounding thumbs-up from uppity awards bodies. Simply put, Jason Statham movies deliver exactly what they’re meant to and they’re only even better when a capable director and storyteller is at the helm.

the beekeeper

Retired from classified government work and taking time for himself tending to his Bees, Adam Clay (Jason Statham) is renting a barn from an older woman who’s shown him the care he’s never felt before in his life. When that older woman falls victim to a scam and ends her life after losing millions of dollars, Adam makes it his personal mission to hunt down those responsible for stealing from some of the weakest in society. Nothing and no one that gets in his way can quell the rage that’s bubbling to the surface. Never disturb the bees, or the beekeeper.

I’ve said many times that Jason Statham is one of the better working action stars we have because no matter how silly the premise or shoddy the effects, the man delivers that cool gruff British swagger we’ve all come to love. For The Beekeeper he benefits from having a kick-ass director at the helm in David Ayer, the man behind End of Watch, Fury, and Suicide Squad. Ayer has a knack for filming warfare and firefights in a detailed and striking manner. Never shying away from extreme violence, Ayer and Statham have cooked up something that exists between John Wick and The Equalizer as The Beekeeper balances brutality and justice in equal measure.

As far as the script is concerned there’s plenty to laugh at and about in a film that doesn’t concern itself with getting into government and military jargon. However, the lack of jargon makes for lots of laughter as nobody can tell you what a Beekeeper is and how they operate. Throw in a few hot-headed FBI agents investigating the tale and a pretentious rich young white villain and you’ve got yourself a movie! All things considered, Josh Hutcherson and Jeremy Irons do their parts to sell this evil ring of online scammers and phishers.

The Beekeeper does have more going for it than meets the initial eye and if you go into it expecting to be entertained, I think you’ll absolutely surpass those expectations. This is undoubtedly one of Statham’s stronger solo efforts in a while and a lot of that has to do with how David Ayer tells the story and the way in which he never pulls punches when it comes to those deserving of justice outside of the law. The concept of elder abuse and these people who spend their days trying to scam honest people out of their retirement money and savings is disgusting, so I for one was full of glee watching some of those POS get what they deserved. Once you rattle the bees there’s no going back in the hive (this is probably something they almost said in the movie)!

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