Tenet (2020) Reissue

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Tenet sees Christopher Nolan at his most bombastic and ambitious as he attempts to blend modern day espionage with a science fiction temporal twist! A lifelong fan of James BondNolan clearly draws influence from some of the stunts and cheeky humor, breathing his own life into action and comedy that blend far better than you’d imagine.

John David Washington’s Protagonist exudes a natural confidence and charisma that’s hard not to get behind, even if you’re not entirely sure of what’s going on around him. From the rigorous and backwards stunt choreography, to his natural chemistry with Robert Pattinson, Washington makes his presence known and provides an anchor for the audience trying to piece together Nolan’s notions of time and time-travel.


An original story from Nolan, Tenet is chock-full of scientific knowledge that helps explain how people from the future have created a way to send back items to the past. This is the basis for most of the film and the core of what our Protagonist is working to stop, as our future could be in jeopardy if the people of the future are able to alter our past. Even after multiple rewatches with the subtitles on, I still find myself confused by some of the forward and backwards progression, though I can’t deny that the film is extremely enjoyable to watch from a blockbuster perspective.

Rewatching this film in IMAX also confirmed that it’s the single loudest movie ever made, with all the volumes cranked to max for any and all noises in the film. While I don’t think it’s anywhere near Nolan’s best works, it still stands out among most spy and Sci-Fi thrillers as a unique blend of genres that introduces fascinating new ways to look at time travel and destiny.

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