Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour (2023)

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Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour is the filmed experience of Taylor Swift’s massively impressive and monumental multi-album concert that’s dominated headlines this year! The popstar/songwriter is in full force here, putting on a 3.5 hour show that’s been edited down to an almost three-hour film full of her greatest hits. The Eras Tour has generated hundreds of millions of dollars, selling out every venue and leaving super-fans paying upwards of $1000 just for the chance to hear her live. As she has always been one to give back to her fans, Taylor filmed her last show of the U.S. tour so that fans worldwide would be able to experience the magic together in the comfort of the movie theater (and at a fraction of the cost).

Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour

There’s a distinctive difference between a music documentary and a concert film, the latter being exactly what the name would imply and what we have with the Eras Tour. I was incredibly impressed with the quality of both the image and the sound for the concert film, as it was beyond immersive and clear where other concert films I’ve felt have lacked in those departments. While Taylor doesn’t have tons of rock songs in her catalog, they’ve found a way to create versions of her songs with more guitar and percussion that really created an awesome atmosphere. It didn’t hurt that I saw this in the Cinemark XD theater, which like Dolby Digital places an emphasis on sound superiority.

As someone who’s listened to Taylor Swift for the last 17 years, this tour and the opportunity to hear her perform songs from the start of her career seemed like an awesome pseudo-nostalgic experience. I vividly remember singing along to Picture to Burn with my entire bus in 6th Grade while we went on a field trip. The young, country Taylor Swift was huge while I was in middle school and then we all followed her transition to pop as we moved into high school. I really stopped listening to her closely after Reputation, but this movie/tour was a great way for me to pay closer attention to her newer works and really listen to the words as she performs at her most vulnerable.

Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour was just more assurance that she’s one of the most dominant artists on the planet and that she truly cares about giving her fans a show to remember. She leaves it all out on the stage and nails each costume change and all her choreography, doing it all with a beaming smile. We had some people singing along in our showing, but it was never anything that felt obnoxious because the music was more than loud enough! More than anything, it made me wish that more artists would follow suit with their own best-of tours because this was an incredible experience top-to-bottom.

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