Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour (2023) Movie Review

by | Oct 14, 2023 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour is the filmed experience of Taylor Swift’s massively impressive and monumental multi-album concert that’s dominated headlines this year! The popstar/songwriter is in full force here, putting on a 3.5 hour show that’s been edited down to an almost three-hour film full of her greatest hits. The Eras Tour has generated hundreds of millions of dollars, selling out every venue and leaving super-fans paying upwards of $1000 just for the chance to hear her live. As she has always been one to give back to her fans, Taylor filmed her last show of the U.S. tour so that fans worldwide would be able to experience the magic together in the comfort of the movie theater (and at a fraction of the cost).

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