Resynator Interview – Alison Tavel

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Resynator is the documentary feature which won the audience award at the 2024 SXSW film festival and now it’s captivating audiences at the 2024 Seattle International Film Festival. A story about a young woman finding the Synthesiser her father built 25 years prior, director Alison Tavel explores the man behind the machine as she interviews his friends and family in hopes of discovering who he really was. Alison’s father Don passed shortly after her birth and though she grew up with a terrific family, there was always more to her father’s story that she felt she was never told and during her journey to discover that she also ends up learning more about herself along the way. This documentary feature is incredibly engaging and speaks to the power of vulnerability and how much it can really help heal people as well. I had the great pleasure of talking with Writer/Director Alison Tavel about her journey in making the film and dissecting familial relationships in an effort to better understand our parents and other generations. Due to the length of the interview I’ve included a summary of some of the discussion points below and will link the full audio conversation through various platforms right below here as well.

00:00 Introduction and Impression of the Film

04:03 Working with Analog Synthesizers

05:29 Uncovering the Truth About a Parent

07:51 The Complexity of Family Relationships

12:14 The Power of Writing Letters

31:38 Overcoming Challenges and Finding Closure

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