Rebel Moon – Part Two: The Scargiver (2024)

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Rebel Moon – Part Two: The Scargiver is an overall improvement upon the first entry that delivers more by way of emotion, action, and visuals. While I’m ecstatic to finally have the second half of Snyder’s story available, I won’t deny that it still only feels like part of something larger. In the weeks leading up to The Scargiver’s release, Zack Snyder has talked at length about the R-Rated, three-hour versions of Part One and Part Two that will include far more depth, violence, and even sex. While those versions exist on the Summer’s horizon, we’ll have to enjoy what we have now and know that some of the film’s story and pieces will be filled in more in the coming months.

Rebel Moon - Part Two: The Scargiver

After seemingly defeating the brutal Admiral Noble (Ed Skrein), Kora (Sofia Boutella) and her band of warriors return to Veldt to inform the villagers that they need no longer fear the Imperium. Once back on Veldt the warriors learn that the Dreadnought ship will return shortly to collect their grain and may very well destroy all they have after taking it. The villagers, led by the great General Titus (Djimon Hounsou), will learn to protect their home by any means necessary as a last resort effort. Though they may be outnumbered, what they lack in manpower they make up for with courage and the common goal of fighting for one another.

Picking things up immediately after where the first film leaves them, The Scargiver keeps the pace relatively slow at the beginning to properly give these characters a time for rest and celebration. Watching these tortured and tired warriors acclimatize to Veldt’s simple farm life makes for many beautiful moments revealing how wonderful the simplicity of life their feels for them. Even when they must train the villagers to fight and protect themselves, the warriors feel far more committed to the cause as they now would lay their lives down to protect this peaceful place. Seeing the villagers pick up arms and train also makes for enjoyable montages as they learn to get creative with their resources and traps.

Zack Snyder doubles down on the warfare here and leaves almost the entire back hour for the battle for Veldt, following the multiple skirmishes happening all around. As a cinematographer Snyder has continued to show progression with his best eye being reflected in the more intimate moments between characters or in battle. There are more than a few extended sequences of the villagers harvesting their grain and working the fields that really embed you in their world and grow your appreciation for the lives they lead. That appreciation translates to the warriors as well, giving them more cause to lay their lives on the line for people who deserve freedom.

While I feel that Part Two is a more complete film, there’s absolutely no denying that it struggles with some of the editing and pacing that plagued Part One. It’s glaringly obvious in some sequences that some of the violence is dialed down or stopped early to meet the PG-13 requirements. It’s a similar story with some of the characters’ more personal moments, as they feel shortened and less impactful to keep a tight two-hour running time. There are plenty of moments between battles and tender embraces that will leave audiences cheering, I just know that the reactions will be far more positive when we feel we can get the whole picture.

Rebel Moon – Part Two: The Scargiver delivers far more for audiences this second time around and really showcases how beautiful and exotic this universe can really be. Spending more time with the characters’ backstories and burdens helped immensely after only scratching their surfaces in Part One. Djimon Hounsou and Sofia Boutella are clear standouts who communicate so well through their eyes and their physicality, taking down waves of enemies in vicious fashion. Zack Snyder has created something fresh and interesting with his Rebel Moon universe and I’m looking forward to seeing the complete versions of these films because with what we have and what we know is coming, the result should be something far superior.

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