No One Will Save You (2023)

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No One Will Save You is an alien home invasion thriller that piques your sci-fi interest but unfortunately stumbles on its way to the Final Girl finale. Leaving much of the story up to flashbacks and silent interactions, this mostly silent film relies heavily on atmospheric music and creepy aliens to hold your attention. As far as solo survival films go, it’s often a challenge to push the story past the 90-minute mark and still deliver a killer climactic finale. No One Will Save You plays around with some interesting ideas, but unfortunately it somewhat limps past the finish line when it’s all said and done.

No One Will Save You

Brynn (Kaitlyn Dever) is a young woman who lives outside of a small town in her mother’s old home. She lives alone and we see snippets of memories and memorabilia that inform us her mother is no longer with us. Brynn also lost a best friend at a younger age and harbors a lot of emotion surrounding her mysterious death. One night, the power in the home surges and crazy blinding lights begin to fill each room. Noting her front door was opened during the surge, Brynn is in disbelief as she sees an extraterrestrial being moving through her home. Using any means to survive and escape, Brynn must defy the odds and find a way to manage this alien invasion.

Kaitlyn Dever has been a terrific actress for some time now and has excelled in playing the role of a younger adult with a ton of emotion. This role of Brynn is certainly a new path for Dever, as she’s challenged with delivering a silent performance that speaks loudest with her eyes and reactions. Dever largely succeeds in playing someone who would be terrified and stunned when aliens begin to take over her home, though she doesn’t always have some of those Final Girl moments you may be hoping for.

No One Will Save You moves along at a brisk pace to help keep the audience tuned in, throwing different challenges and creatures in our character’s way as she fights to survive the night. The alien designs are reminiscent of the creatures from Signs but with bones and joints that crack and bend in disgusting ways (helps with the creepiness factor). The actual look of the aliens feels a bit outdated for 2023 VFX and because of that the fear factor significantly drops as more aliens appear. I’ve seen many wish that this film hit theaters for a select time, but I feel confident that streaming is the best market for it. The most intriguing aspects of the film occur when we learn more about the Aliens and Brynn, but those moments are unfortunately far and few between leaving the audience wanting much more than the film has to offer.

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