Fair Play (2023)

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Fair Play is a tantalizing look at the dynamic of power in relationships and just how far away from yourself you can get as you succumb to your role. While not quite the erotic thriller it’s being billed as, this film certainly looks at control and power from a few different perspectives that always leave you guessing where our protagonists’ heads may be at. Beneath the financial drama of this film are two incredible performances by two actors who are long overdue for more recognition, giving Netflix yet another great streaming option for audiences.

Fair Play

Emily (Phoebe Dynevor) and Luke (Alden Ehrenreich) are two young analysts at one of the toughest hedge funds in the country, constantly working their asses off in hopes to gain a more permanent position. The two have been dating for a while and are recently engaged, though they must keep it a secret due to strict company policies. When one of them receives a massive promotion, the balance of power in the relationship shifts and the two find themselves further from who they used to be.

Knowing next-to-nothing going into this film, I was more than pleasantly surprised to watch two terrific actors turn in two exceptional performances in a film that more than kept my interest the whole time. This battle for power or feeling like there’s a need to have more of it in a relationship is a risqué and fascinating thing to focus on because it cuts to the core of human emotion and how we behave. At every turn in the film, you feel yourself sinking deeper in your chair as you watch two people who love each other becoming entirely new people and stoop to lows you never thought possible. Dynevor and Ehrenreich are scarily convincing with their portrayal of a relationship and the way they speak to one another.

Fair Play blurs the lines between a few different genres, doubling down on thrills in moments that completely stop your heart. The financial side of the film is interesting, but I almost wish we spent a bit more time watching them make big money moves and the heat that brings to the office. Writer and director Chloe Domont is completely sure of herself and the direction she takes the story, never apologizing for what we’re shown and giving us a look at the entire picture of the relationship. Fair Play was a great acquisition for Netflix and proved to be a fantastic display acting and writing talents!

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