Extraction 2 sees Chris Hemsworth continuing the role of Tyler Rake and directly follows the events of the first Extraction, only this time they’ve doubled down on all the action and mayhem! Director Sam Hargrave continues the trend of Stunt Coordinators turned badass Hollywood directors and he pulls off some of the same levels of excitement and craziness that Chad Stahelski has reached with Keanu Reeves in the John Wick series. More than that, Hargrave and Hemsworth are so in-sync with the military and war-like aspects of the stunt work, and it helps deliver a film that feels ripped out of the very best video game missions. From close quarters combat in rapidly moving vehicles, to sprawling battles that extended longer and further than you can imagine in one take, Extraction 2 stuns at every turn!

Extraction 2 Chris Hemsworth

Hemsworth has seen his character Thor turn from the almighty God of Thunder into the butt of the MCU’s jokes and his talents as a physically imposing presence have been all but diminished. He possesses great comedic timing as we’ve witnessed in a half-a-dozen comedies now, but as Tyler Rake, Hemsworth embodies all that is massive and powerful, while maintaining a slight comedic edge in the moments that call for it. There’s no forcing jokes or dialogue into intense situations and because of that, we the audience are completely gripped by the incredible action witnessed on-screen and the stakes remain at an all-time high. The physique he trains so hard for is on full display here, as the film leans into his massive stature and highlights the many ways he can disable and defeat any threat. Following our heroes from one battlefield to the next feels intense and engaging because we also witness them getting injured all along the way, which really deepens the sense of realism in this combat heavy film. The accuracy of the stunt work really showcases how someone the size of Hemsworth could take on five opponents, but not without sustaining some massive blows or cuts during the fight.

Extraction 2 wastes little time setting its story up and smartly focuses on all manner of destruction via any vehicle or weapon Hemsworth and his team can get their hands on. Golshifteh Farahani and Adam Bessa are terrific as Hemsworth’s tactical supporting cast and really aid the action even more. As Netflix original movies go, the Extraction films certainly stand out among the best quality work and as some of the most entertaining, making them a must watch for any fan of terrific action and Hemsworth. The future of Hollywood action feels a bit more secure in the capable hands of their best stunt workers!

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