Dune (2021) Reissue

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Dune is a meticulously crafted space opera that brilliantly combines a truly unique prophetic tale with the futuristic vision of a master director in his prime. Denis Villeneuve has crafted a sensational visual language across his multiple feature films (Blade Runner 2049SicarioArrivalPrisoners) which combines long takes with enormous scale. Villeneuve lets the characters and the scenery breathe life into his still shots, allowing scenes to progress naturally and creating a sense of reality in the world they’re creating.

This story of a prophetic “one” who will lead the galaxy to freedom is something we’ve seen time and time again, however this adaptation of Frank Herbert’s masterful novel feels fresh and decidedly different as it explores galactic politics and incredible inner turmoil. Timothee Chalamet plays a hesitant Paul Atreides with the perfect amount of naivety and immaturity, evolving through the film as his character learns more about his place in a prophecy that’s been spread for generations. Dune

As House Atreides takes over control of the spice desert planet of Arrakis, Oscar Isaac and Rebecca Ferguson as Duke Leto Atreides and Lady Jessica begin to foresee a grave danger that will fall upon their people and their son. The notion of ancient witches who spread prophetic tales throughout the galaxy as a means of control and practically use eugenics in an attempt to create the ideal male God specimen is an angle which really caught my attention more upon watching this film in IMAX.

Despite feeling like a lot of backstory and slowly building to an ending you know will be cut short, Dune does a fantastic job of telling a grand story and matching it was bursts of action that are almost enough to whet your appetite. Hans Zimmer continually reinvents himself and his sounds as he creates an engrossing soundtrack to accompany this atmospheric film’s look and feel. Cinematographer Greig Fraser rounds out the technical brilliance of the film with his stunning shots of endless sand dunes and the spice slowly sifting over the sandy surfaces. Dune is a cinematic treat to behold on the big screen and its story really keeps you engaged and excited for where Dune: Part Two will take these characters!

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