Dreamin’ Wild (2023) Movie Review

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Dreamin’ Wild is a soft-spoken look at the Emerson Brothers lives and how the album they recorded as teens would find an audience decades later. Brothers Donnie and Joe (Casey Affleck and Walton Goggins) grew up on their family farm out in Fruitland, Washington, working the land by day and spending their evenings writing and recording music. Secluded from most of the outside world and not having much of a need for media technology, the family largely grew up without listening to or watching much TV and Music. Donnie had taught himself to play piano and guitar (among countless other instruments) and really had a gift for creating unique and beautiful music, while Joe learned to drum and would help his brother with whatever else was needed. After finally taking their shot and releasing an album in their late teens, the boys eventually gave up hope that their album would make it outside their community and both led different lives going forward.