Chasing Time Interview – Jeff Orlowski-Yang & Sarah Keo

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SIFF 2024 Interview Chasing Time Jeff Orlowski-Yang Sarah Keo

For SIFF 2024 I had the esteemed pleasure of getting to interview Chasing Time co-directors Jeff Orlowski-Yang and Sarah Keo. A 40-minute documentary short that serves as a companion piece to Orlowski-Yang’s 2012 film Chasing IceChasing Time examines the data behind the melting of glaciers worldwide and reunites Orlowski-Yang with Jame Balog, the founder of the Extreme Ice Survey. Equal parts beautiful and devastating, this short packs an emotional punch as the evidence is irrefutable and the human story at the core of the film is incredibly enduring. This was such a great discussion to be a part of I would urge any who listen to see out Chasing Ice and that you keep an eye out for Chasing TimeDue to the length of the interview I’ve included a summary of some of the discussion points below and will link the full audio conversation through various platforms right below here as well.

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  • Mentorship plays a crucial role in personal and professional growth, and the film Chasing Time explores the impact of mentorship in the context of climate change.
  • The changing landscapes of glaciers serve as tangible evidence of climate change, and films like Chasing Time aim to raise awareness and inspire action.
  • Technology, such as drones and high-resolution cameras, has advanced the capabilities of filmmakers in capturing the beauty and devastation of natural landscapes.
  • Community and storytelling are powerful tools in addressing global issues, and films have the potential to create emotional connections and bridge divides.
  • The directors of Chasing Time hope to inspire the younger generation to get involved in climate solutions and use their skills and passions to make a difference.
  • The film industry can learn from the narrative styles of documentaries and incorporate more creative aesthetics to engage and move audiences.
  • The directors emphasize the importance of letting the landscape speak for itself and capturing the essence and spirit of a place through cinematography.
  • Teaching and learning from others is a valuable experience in filmmaking, and mentorship can shape one’s worldview and approach to storytelling.
  • Overcoming personal fears and challenges, such as public speaking, can lead to personal growth and unexpected achievements.
  • Films have the power to convey complex issues and emotions, and the directors of Chasing Time strive to create art that touches people and inspires change.