Bob Trevino Likes It Interview – Tracie Laymon

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Bob Trevino Likes It won the audience award at the 2024 SXSW Film Festival and after having a chance to see it at SIFF 2024 I can completely understand how it captured the hearts and minds of the audiences. It’s a beautiful look at a young woman who’s real father abandons her and the friendship she creates with a kindhearted man who shares her father’s name on Facebook. Inspired by writer/director Tracie Laymon’s real life experience, Bob Trevino Likes It bears its soul and tells an unbelievably uplifting story of chosen family and learning to choose what’s best for yourself in your own life. This year at the Seattle International Film Festival I was fortunate enough to speak with Tracie Laymon and had the absolute best time learning more about the experience behind Bob Trevino Likes It. Due to the length of the interview I’ve included a summary of some of the discussion points below and will link the full audio conversation through various platforms right below here as well.

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Bob Trevino Likes It

Below are my capsule thoughts on the film!

Bob Trevino Likes It is an incredibly moving piece of work that speaks to the ability of finding connection with complete strangers and how those people may embrace you and change your life in ways your real family never did. A semi-autobiographical tale from director/writer Tracie Laymon, Bob Trevino Likes It follows a young woman who reaches out to a man online with her father’s name after her real father leaves her life unexpectedly. A story of chosen family and a testament the immense power of kindness, Bob Trevino is an unbelievably moving film that will reduce you to happy, blubbery tears by the end. Barbie Ferreira and John Leguizamo deliver two sensational performances steeped in so much vulnerability and sincerity that it’s almost overwhelming how well the two work together. In an age where people spend most of their time talking behind screens, it’s refreshing to see a story of an internet connection that’s wholesome and representative of the way in which we can open-up to complete strangers because it’s far easier than doing it in person. In ways, these strangers become closer than lifelong friends because you’re able to be your authentic self and perhaps the best version of yourself with them. Laymon’s direction is incredibly tender, shining a bright light on her sensitive stars and their ability to work wonders with just their smiles. This story is so powerful and affecting because of the vulnerability Laymon injects into it, never shying away from revealing herself as a human being who, like everyone, needed to have connection to feel something. Bob Trevino Likes It is exactly the kind of thoughtful and outstanding film that makes what I do so enjoyable because it’s already had a lasting effect on those who’ve seen it and will continue to move audiences when released. The cast and crew have really created something special here and as an audience we’re all the better for being able to take part in Laymon’s experience.”