Bob Trevino Likes It Interview – Tracie Laymon

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Bob Trevino Likes It won the audience award at the 2024 SXSW Film Festival and after having a chance to see it at SIFF 2024 I can completely understand how it captured the hearts and minds of the audiences. It’s a beautiful look at a young woman who’s real father abandons her and the friendship she creates with a kindhearted man who shares her father’s name on Facebook. Inspired by writer/director Tracie Laymon’s real life experience, Bob Trevino Likes It bears its soul and tells an unbelievably uplifting story of chosen family and learning to choose what’s best for yourself in your own life. This year at the Seattle International Film Festival I was fortunate enough to speak with Tracie Laymon and had the absolute best time learning more about the experience behind Bob Trevino Likes It.

CHAPTER LIST 00:00 – Introduction 02:18 – Introducing Tracie Laymon and ‘Bob Trevino Likes It’ 05:05 – Choosing the Right Person for the Job 05:33 – Barbie Ferreira’s Performance and Emotional Range 06:57 – Surprising Similarities and Shared Experiences 07:55 – The Power of Vulnerability and Kindness 08:55 – Maintaining Positivity in the Film Industry 09:52 – Learning to Say No and Surrounding Oneself with Supportive People 10:45 – The Impact of Kindness in Online Interactions 11:40 – The Influence of Mentors and the Importance of Mentorship 13:06 – The Power of Connection and Gratitude 14:04 – Unshared Memories and Lasting Impact 15:56 – Supporting the Film and Spreading the Message

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