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Putting together a Best of Film 2023 list was no easy task and admittedly there are a few films that haven’t been reviewed or seen yet due to Seattle’s lack of major film market (makes no sense). With over 100+ film reviews scattered across all manner of media, 2023 proved to be an incredible year for films and diving back in to film criticism. Whether it was dozens of AMC A-List screenings or VOD at-home movie nights, 2023 brought movies back in a big way for a lot of people and it really felt like people were starting to return to watching new movies in old familiar ways. There were many opening nights where there wasn’t an empty seat in the house for films of all genres and it was so refreshing to see events like Barbenheimer take over cinemas for weeks. With streaming platforms continuing to up their games and open their purses we saw companies like Netflix, Apple Studios, and Amazon studios invest in theatrical releases before delivering quality content to audiences at home sometime after. While some films deserved a longer run in theaters before hitting VOD, other films stayed around for months showing companies that audiences will respond to quality projects from titans of the industry like Christopher Nolan and Greta Gerwig. In a year that saw Superhero and Summer/Blockbuster films take a huge step back at the box office and in critical response, 2023 surprised many as independent film and social media driven marketing turned audiences towards limited releases and smaller films felt fresh and exciting.

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Best of Film 2023Best of Film 2023

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