Barbie (2023) Movie Review

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Greta Gerwig’s Barbie is a cinematic marvel that’s as delightfully enchanting as it is shockingly earnest. For a movie about a ton of perfect plastic dolls, Barbie gets far deeper than most audiences can imagine and takes you on a fantastical feminist journey that mirrors an all-too-real life that we’re all familiar with. Tackling issues of feminism, patriarchy, and the very idea of what a perfect women should be, Gerwig and her longtime writing collaborator/husband Noah Baumbach weave many sneaky reflections of our real world within this “perfect” Barbieland world. While some jokes are more obvious and on the nose about the roles women have played in our society, others are incredibly layered and elicit a ton of laughter before the audience completely gets parallel. There are several times where the biggest laughter from the film is followed by solemn sighs and acknowledgements of the world we live in and just how male-dominated it has been.