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Nick Tiffany, Editor/Publisher

Despite growing up participating in theater and musical events my entire life, movies and the entertainment world were always my first big love as far back as I can remember. Whether it was watching Avatar or Titanic for the first time, I felt the pull of the silver screen and found a place of solace in living in a film while watching it. I always prefer going to a movie theater, but most of the film’s that really changed and challenged me were one’s I saw at home based off of the recommendations of trusted adults. Through my parents and then my great friend Mike Ward of Should I See It, I was shown films and introduced to directors who push the envelope of filmmaking and leave lasting impressions long after the films end.

After joining Mike for a press screening of Django Unchained in 2012, I quickly fell in love with the world of film criticism and expanding my overall film knowledge. For a few years in High School I designed this site with the help of my Dad and also saw upwards of 100+ movies a year with the help of Mike and my Dad as well. In college, I spent more time honing my writing skills but spent less time at the movies and keeping this website out of the hands of hackers. It wasn’t until after 2020 that I rediscovered my love of film (and my life) and talking about, this time in a new medium. Since the end of 2022 I’ve gotten back to seeing 50 movies seen in a year and will be far past that in movies seen and reviews made by the end of 2023! I’ve also regained control of this website and am restoring it to its former glory! Thank you for all who stuck with me and encouraged me to get back into my passion and to those who are here for the first time.

When I’m not reviewing and watching movies, you can often find me enjoying media of many different varieties. I’m a huge fan of music across many genres, an avid DC Comics reader and fan, and I try to keep up on a decent amount of new TV as well. I’m a huge Zack Snyder fan as you will no doubt come to learn through my social media or some of the discussions had on here. It’s the reason why you see banners for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention on this site. It’s a foundation that’s near and dear to the Snyder’s and I was able to participate in a weekend benefitting the foundation and helping fans of Snyder and his DC movies push the donation count to $1,000,000 raised by fans. Through Ink to the People, AFSP has had a champion in the people who collaborated to create unique ZSJL designs while donating all the money to them. The Snyder Cut has always been about justice for Zack Snyder and his vision and also about raising awareness and money for AFSP. It’s beyond a worthy cause and I implore you click through and learn more about them. Championing independent films and awesome action movies is kinda my thing, so expect to see a lot of diversity in the films I cover. I’m also a huge sap, so sometimes movies make me feel a lot of emotions and I will always do my best to convey why and never shy away from confronting what some of these films make us confront in ourselves. At the end of the day, the best movies leave a lasting impression on you and help us to see the world in whole new ways!