You’re Next (2013)

Going in to You’re Next, I was already scared and was ready to faint at any given moment. Fortunately for me, I ended up having a fantastic time with this movie! Being one who doesn’t love horror, I found myself rather surprised at the fact that I enjoyed this film so much. It’s certainly one of my favorite horror-genre films and it’s definitely one of the year’s most enjoyable films!

You’re Next begins like any other day in a horror film would. After getting touchy with her, your wife is downstairs practically naked as she makes a late night snack. You’re up taking a shower, oblivious to the outside world. Your wife notices the motion sensor lights switching on and off for no reason. It must be nothing… WRONG!!! It’s a killer in an animal mask who has just taken a machete to your head. Of course, the husband didn’t hear anything, seeing as he was in the shower. However, when he gets out, he sees the words “YOU’RE NEXT” written in blood on his window! He turns, only to find the animal with his machete raised! During these first minutes, Lou Reed’s “Perfect Day” is playing in the background. Oh the irony. With a slash from the machete, blood spatters and we get a fun title card!

Cut to another location, we meet Paul and Aubrey Davison (Rob Moran & Barbara Crampton) as they pull up to their new house. This weekend is their wedding anniversary, so all their kids are coming to celebrate. First to arrive, is Crispian and his girlfriend Erin (AJ Bowen & Sharni Vinson). Next, comes Drake and his wife Kelly (Joe Swanberg & Margaret Laney). Following them are the Davison’s son Flelix and his girlfriend Zee (Nicholas Tucci & Wendy Glenn) and the Davison’s daughter Aimee and her boyfriend Tariq (Amy Seimetz & Ti West)!

Now that the gang is all there, the family fun can begin. Around the dinner table, old sibling rivalries are re-sparked and many of the couples are fighting during a time that they should be celebrating. Nothing is getting too serious, until Tariq notices something strange outside the window. In an instant, a crossbow bolt shatters the window and travels straight into Tariq’s forehead. Now, chaos has ensued and the family is left distraught over what had just happened.

For the rest of the film, it’s a fight to survive the night as three unknown men in animal masks are trying to get in to kill everyone. We have a Lamb, Fox and Tiger mask, which are all equally as terrifying. These animals have a vast array of weaponry and are prepared to wait and stalk their prey in order to kill. They even do the creepy head tilt! The only thing that they weren’t prepared for was a fight, which Sharni Vinson is more than willing to put up! Will the family survive the night? Or, will the animals kill their prey and move on? Don’t ask me! You need to go see this film now!

You’re Next works on just about every level. While the story may not be all that original, it’s a lot of fun and has lots to offer the audience. The Animals are plain creepy and will haunt your nightmares, unfortunately. Although, that’s a small price to pay for a movie this enjoyable. There are a loads of gore and scary moments in the film, so don’t expect to be completely safe. Sharni Vinson is easily the best part of the film and is an interesting character that will stick with you, even after the movie is over. This film does have some issues, but nothing too major. If you’re still not sure on whether you want to see this film or not, I strongly urge you to reconsider and keep reading for my Top Ten Thoughts on You’re Next!

I'm not sure which masks terrify me more, "The Strangers" or "Your'e Next". Either way, I'm never going to sleep again.

I’m not sure which masks terrify me more, “The Strangers” or “Your’e Next”. Either way, I’m never going to sleep again.

What I Enjoyed

What I Didn’t Enjoy

This was instantly one of my favorite films in the horror genre.

Technically, this film isn’t as much horror as it is billed as.

This film didn’t rely too heavily on jump scares.

Some of the killing in this movie is very gruesome and very bloody.

This film has a very “Cabin In The Woods” feel to it!

Other than Vinson, there weren’t many “strong” leads in this film.

Sharni Vinson is easily one of the best female leads I’ve seen this year.

Some character motivations seemed unclear to me as the film unfolded.

The killing and gore are done stylistically and are done well.

There were a couple of characters in the film that won’t connect with anyone.

This film, while still being a horror film, has a lot of very funny moments.

For the most part, the character development in this film is pretty poor. We only get to know a few key characters.

We get a bit of personality and flair from the masked murderers.

I didn’t get to hear “Perfect Day” enough times when I saw this movie.

This film manages to stay mostly unpredictable the whole way through.

Some of this movie may come off as very cliché to major fans of horror films.

The last scene in this movie is so fantastic.

I never screamed during the movie. I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing…

You’re Next really surprised me as a horror film and I really enjoyed my time with it.

As fun as it is, You’re Next isn’t the most original of movies and still suffers from a few issues here and there.


You’re Next has been one of the most enjoyable films I’ve seen all Summer. Not being a big horror fan, I thoroughly enjoyed this film. The writing is smart and there is just enough horror to scare, but not freak you out. This film has one of the best female leads of the year and offers up lots of fun and lots of blood. If you’re looking for an enjoyable horror film, look no further! The Animal’s will take care of the rest. However, just remember that you’re next!

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4 STARS!!!

4 / 5 stars     

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