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Finally! After having to re-shoot the last third of the film, World War Z has finally begun. Now, I never read the book “World War Z” by Max Brooks, but what I’m to understand is that this movie took the title and premise of the book and then omitted most of the rest of it. Well, that’s what the author of the acclaimed novel said. Despite that fact, this movie is intense and will have you on the edge of your seat for the majority of the film!

The movie follows Gerry and Karin Lane (Brad Pitt & Mireille Enos) as they try to get their family to safety from these infected humans that have begun taking over most of the world. Gerry, being a former United Nations agent, is blessed with the opportunity of having himself and his family rescued by his old U.N friend, Thierry Umotoni (Fana Mokoen). They’re rescued, but not before they encounter these zombie-like humans whom intend to feast on them, or worse, turn them. The movie begins to pick up its’ story in the Mid-Atlantic, where U.S Naval Fleets have gathered to shelter the “essential personnel”. The only way their family can stay is if Gerry escorts Andrew Fassbach (Elyes Gabel), a Harvard Researcher, to find the source of this infection that’s rapidly plaguing the Earth.

That’s the general gist of the film, as far as a spoiler-free plot can go. What’s more, is that this movie offers a lot of intrigue and creative ideas when it comes to uncovering the origins of this “disease”. The film is an exploration to find the origin to discover a cure, which may or may not exist. There are numerous occasions where you’ll be startled by these rapid moving “zombies”, and numerous occasions during which you’ll be stupefied at what these “zombies” can do together. The visuals are fantastic, and the film really begins to pique your interest during the final third of the film. I won’t go into anymore detail, so here are my Top Ten Thoughts on World War Z!


I think I’ll take on the slow-moving and stupid walkers, as opposed the the fast-moving and smart zombies that climb over one another… But, that’s just me…

What I Enjoyed

What I Didn’t Enjoy

Brad Pitt is back in a Blockbuster Movie! I’ve enjoyed his recent, smaller work, but it’s good to see him back in a big-budget film.

After reading the overview of the novel version (yes, I’m still lazy despite this being an out-of-school read), I’m disappointed that they didn’t stick to some of the things that occur in the novel.

This Zombie movie is not your average Zombie movie. They’re fast, creative, and they “work” in packs.

I think that the movie focuses on Pitt’s family a little bit too much. The shifting of scenes and themes doesn’t fit well when they transition from action to his family sitting around.

The focus of the film follows the hunt for “patient zero”, whose location is unknown. The manhunt that follows is based on instinct and few facts, which makes it all the more interesting.

I would’ve liked to explore these “Zombies” a little bit more. I had a few unanswered questions that I feel like, had the film followed the novel, would’ve been answered.

Pitt’s character often risks his life to study these “zombies”, which is something I really liked. It ends up being useful later, so more it pays to pay attention.

Some sequences in this film are really absurd and rather random, turning seriousness into comedy.

This movie kind of makes fun of zombies, and I liked that! The characters all laugh at that notion, but they’re also kind of afraid (just like we would be).

There is hardly any blood in this film, compared to the thousands of “Zombies” that are slaughtered. It’s already a very violent movie, so having blood makes it worse? (Stupid Rating System)

Lots and lots of Zombies were harmed in the making of this film, and I thoroughly enjoyed that. The violence is almost always present and is very cool to watch!

Some instances in the film seem rather rushed and formulaic to set up a large scene.

This movie blends a lot of genres really well. It’s primarily a suspenseful thriller, but comedy and some drama is incorporated very well!

These “Zombies”, as different as they try to be from standard ones, can’t help but do stupid things that other zombie-films have had them do. There was a point in the movie when the “Zombies” looked liked they were doing the Harlem Shake.

For all of its’ re-shooting and the financial aspects of that fiasco, I think they delivered a pretty solid film. Not many films that endure re-shoots fair very well.

How they “defeat” the “Zombies” is only part of how it’s done in the novel. The novel offers two very great solutions, but only the lesser of the two is used.

The 3D in this movie isn’t crappy. Done well, 3D is less of a bother, and World War Z executed it pretty well. Better than 99% of movies shot or converted in 3D.

I would’ve liked an overview on how the world is doing at the end of the movie. You don’t get much, which kind of surprised me.

The last third of this film (written by acclaimed (and my favorite) writer Damon Lindelof) is easily the best part of the movie! It’s interesting and intense and those two elements work really well together.

The ending is very abrupt, but given what preceded it, I guess there’s not much you can do.


World War Z offers a different take on the Zombie Apocalypse. Rather than being a full on resistance/survival movie, World War Z explorers these “Zombies” and searches for a cause that could lead to a cure. There’s tons of real-world thinking going on by the characters, which only makes the film more relatable and more enjoyable. Also, Brad Pitt plays a smart guy who doesn’t fall victim to the classic zombie clich├ęs! World War Z packs a lot of action and suspense, while also packing an equal amount of intrigue and knowledge that amount to a very well-balanced film. For it’s almost two-hour run-time, the movie goes by pretty quickly. My biggest complaint is that they should have used more of the novel because it would’ve answered some questions and left more people satisfied. Regardless of that complaint, I really enjoyed this movie and would recommend it to anyone seeking an action film, or anyone looking for a more knowledgeable film this Summer (which despite the weather is now upon us)!

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3.5 STARS!!!

3.5 / 5 stars     

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