The Wolf of Wall Street Pictures (2013)

When this poster says “COMING SOON”, it really means that this film is coming out on November 15, 2013. Also, when it says “Academy Award Nominee”, it should say “Academy Award Winner” for Leonardo DiCaprio. However, this could be the film that finally earns DiCaprio his Oscar. His role as Jordan Belfort, a corrupt and cray Wall Street businessman, is overly crazy and nothing like what he’s done before. Then, you team that character with legendary Director, Martin Scorsese, and anything is possible. The two of them have done some two of my favorite films (The Aviator & The Departed) and may possibly add a third to my list. Throw in a supporting cast of Jonah HillMatthew McConaugheyKyle Chandler and Jean Dujardin, and you have quite a tour de’ force on your hands! Check below for some of the first images from this film! (image size may vary)

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