White House Down (2013)

(Read this in a deep voice over) From the director of mega-movies like “Independence Day”, “The Day After Tomorrow”, and “2012”, comes the second movie to destroy the White House this year; White House Down! That’s right, Roland Emmerich is back doing what he does best; making stupid movies that are totally awesome to watch. Which is exactly what White House Down is. What were you expecting though? An Oscar-worthy movie from Emmerich? That’s not his style, but his style does include lots of explosions and even some comedy, which is totally fine by me!

White House Down follows John Cale (Channing Tatum), a bodyguard for Mr. Raphelson (Richard Jenkins), the Speaker of the House. He served 3 tours in the War on Terror and came back to find his daughter, Emily (Joey King), to be even more detached from him than before. His divorce doesn’t help his daddy-daughter relationship one bit. Things look down for John, until he gets an interview with Carol Finnerty (Maggie Gyllenhaal) to become one of President James Sawyer’s (Jamie Foxx) secret service agents. Things go awry in the building when a group of mercenaries, led by Emil Stenz (Jason Clarke), take of the White House and destroy the capitol building. From there, you know the rest. John must save the President and the day before something bad happens!

This plot is pretty formulaic and is something we’ve all seen before in different variations. That’s not to say that it isn’t enjoyable. This movie is a lot of fun! Whether is explosions or the hilarious chemistry between Tatum and Foxx, the movie is very entertaining. I also liked the fact that Emmerich knows exactly what his movie is, so he pokes fun at it. One of the earliest quotes about the White House in the film was “This is the White House. You may know it from when it was destroyed in Independence Day”. I liked that and so did the audience. None of the performances are fantastic, but they’re not bad either. Tatum and Foxx are hilarious! I keep hoping that Tatum would do more comedies because he’s actually really funny. And what better team than Django and Magic Mike to save the day?! Despite this films predictability and its’ flaws, it’s a ton of fun and something that audiences are going to really love while they watch it! Without further ado, here are my Top Ten Thoughts on White House Down!

In my world you gotta get dirty… Not that dirty though…



Channing Tatum brings a lot of action and comedy to the table and the two mix very well!

This movies’ plot isn’t that great. Don’t go in expecting anything more than what you got in all of Emmerichs’ films.

Jamie Foxx’s President gives a lot of great speeches and seems like a normal guy at the same time. It’s cool to see a relatable president!

Personally, I’m not a huge fan of Maggie Gyllenhaal, so she didn’t do wonders for me.

Being an Emmerich film, there are a ton of explosions and shootings scenes in this movie that will leave you giddy and smiling!

I was sort of hoping for more explosions all throughout the film. There are a good number of them, just not as many as I’d like.

I liked that this film wasn’t as bad as Olympus Has Fallen. There’s a tad bit more creativity in this film that centers around politics.

Despite the fact that they were pulled off okay, I still dislike the Die Hard aspects of this film… Like, come on… Can’t you think of another film to pull from?

Most of the supporting cast is pretty enjoyable. Some are goofy and some are super serious and it’s a good balance of enjoyment for the audience.

A lot of things happen really quickly in this film to tie up loose ends and it gets annoying after awhile.

It’s fun getting to see all the Presidents hidden toys and secrets that may or may not exist in real life. There are lots of jokes about some of the secrets about the White House that are incorporated well!

The hand to hand fighting in this film gets really unrealistic. This isn’t Man of Steel, where you can deliver deadly blows for 5 minutes and nothing happens. These guys would be knocked out or dead pretty quickly during this scenes, if they were actually realistic.

The Die Hard references in this movie were executed much better than the ones in Olympus Has Fallen. (Plus, they were better than the most recent Die Hard too)

Despite all the bad guys having their own, individual reasons for their crimes, we never really feel for them. If they’d been wronged as much as they’d claimed, I probably would’ve understood why they’re doing this. However, we never really focus on them or their motives. Just killing them, instead.

Despite this films’ cheesiness, Foxx’s character actually has some sound thoughts on what should be done overseas with our troops and he wants to make a difference like Lincoln, Washington, and Jefferson. It’s nice to see that he’s not just there for comedy.

I really wish that this movie was rated R because there’s enough violence and death to make it an R, and I wanted to see some bloodshed. That sounds sick and twisted, but Olympus Has Fallen did that well! There’s only blood when someone gets hit, which is really dumb.

Some of the films’ twists and turns weren’t very predictable and made a lot of sense after you think about it for a second. Well done, Emmerich.

Everything in this movie relies on coincidence and it gets annoying after awhile. They could have put more effort into a lot of sequences.

If you’re like me, in the sense that you like action and comedy, you’re going to have a blast with this film! It knows what it is, which makes it all the better!

This is a fun action movie, but it’s also not a good movie. I was hoping for a bit more, but alas, I, nor anyone, got that.


White House Down is everything you’d expect it to be and less. It’s a little more than 2 hours of explosions, plot-holes, and some cheesy dialog. Fortunately for the audience, this film acknowledges that and still manages to make it fun for them. Tatum and Foxx steal the show with their outstanding chemistry and make the film a bit more bearable. Like I said earlier, “What better team than Django and Magic Mike to save the day?”. The explosions will always have you entertained and the comedic dialog will suffice for the films’ duration! This movie is something you’ve seen before, but also something you won’t mind seeing again. If anything, go see it for its’ entertainment value, because that’s about all it has to offer. This film is the sort that will tide us over until some bigger blockbuster comes out in a week or two. And I’m okay with that!

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3 STARS!!!

3 / 5 stars     

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