We’re The Millers (2013)

We’re The Millers. You’re probably familiar with this film because of the boy who raps to TLC at the end of the Trailer. Also, if you’ve seen the trailer, you also know what will happen at every point in this movie. That doesn’t mean that you won’t enjoy the movie! If you’ve not seen the trailer, let me recap the synopsis for you.

David Clark (Jason Sudeikis) is a successful, low-key drug dealer, until he loses his stash and all of his money in a mugging. His neighbor, Kenny (Will Poulter), is without a mother and living on his own and asks to help David in any way he can. Unfortunately for David, his boss Brad Gurdlinger (Ed Helms) wants David to travel into Mexico and smuggle a “smidge” of Marijuana back for him.

Realizing that he throws up way to many red flags as a drug dealers, David recruits Kenny to be his son and then asks his stripper neighbor, Rose (Jennifer Aniston), to be his wife and asks a younger homeless girl named Casey (Emma Roberts) to be his daughter. Now, we have all the members of the Miller family!

From then on, the Millers head down to Mexico to pick up a “smidge” of Marijuana, only to discover that a “smidge” means an RV’s worth and that the Marijuana doesn’t actually belong to Brad. They’ll have to race home to try to get their cash rewards, but not before they break down and make camp with the Fitzgeralds (Nick Offerman, Kathryn Hahn & Molly C. Quinn).

There’s the basic plot and within there is potentially a hilarious movie that works on most levels. Unfortunately for We’re The Millers, the film falls short due to its own reluctance to stick with the Dark Comedy aspect. They have a hilarious cast that just feels so underused. In particular, is Roberts who is given hardly any funny lines.

On the films lighter side, however, is Nick Offerman and Kathryn Hahn as the Fitzgeralds. Their struggling marriage finds help when the Millers make camp with them. Offerman and Hahn ask the other “married” couple to experiment with them on certain things to spice up their marriage, in a scene that will have you laughing until your side hurts. It’s those few scenes in the movie that scream the potential this film had, but like most comedies these days, it tries to turn lighter at the end and that’s where it breaks down. It’s a funny movie, but it’s also all in the trailer. If you need more convincing on whether or not to go see this movie, keep reading for my Top Ten Thoughts on We;re The Millers!

They're just a squeaky clean, All-American family!

They’re just a squeaky clean, All-American family!

What I Enjoyed

What I Didn’t Enjoy

Jason Sudeikis is perfect in this film. He balances comedy and seriousness very well.

Emma Roberts isn’t utilized nearly as much as she should have been. She has great potential, but is cut short and cut off by Poulter.

Jennifer Aniston provides a great performance as a stripper with a good side.

Despite being hilarious, Poulter is forced into the “awkward” role in the film. I hate the fact that every film needs an awkward character now.

The intro to this film is Sudeikis watching famous and funny YouTube videos.

The funny jokes will come in waves and you’ll never know if one will land or just fly over your head.

Will Poulter is the best part of this film. His awkward hilarity fuels the film and keeps it alive.

Ed Helms is funny, but his character doesn’t add too much to the film. He’s a funny guy but he’s given terrible dialog to work with.

This film is surprisingly more funny than most, including myself, thought it was going to be.

Some of the comedy in this film is pretty racy and/or disgusting. Be warned. Graphic visuals that you cannot forget.

Nick Offerman and Kathryn Hahn have incredible dialog that will have you busting a gut.

There was a substantial lack of Offerman and Hahn in this film. Their scenes are arguably the best in the film.

When the comedy was on, this film was downright hilarious!

The trailer gives away pretty much every aspect of this film.

Learning to act like a squeaky clean family was among the funniest of scenes in the film.

This film is predictable, almost from the get go. Plus, if you’ve seen the trailer, you can map out the whole film as you watch it.

Some scenes were unbelievably graphic, but they made the film funnier.

This COMEDY tries to turn into a drama at the end and it just has no need to.

Overall, We’re The Millers surprised me and was a lot funnier that I was expecting and hoping for and it has a great cast that works extremely well with one another.

As funny as the film may be, We’re The Millers relies on its forced awkward/graphic scenarios to get you to laugh and ultimately tries to turn into something it’s not in the end.


We’re The Millers has a lot of potential as a darker comedy. Its subject matter is certainly darker, but there are a few moments involving Poulter that uplift the movie. Then, the film tires to turn 180* and turn into a drama. This movie gets very predictable and if you’ve seen the trailer you know what’s going to happen at the start of each scene. That being said, this movie has an amazingly funny cast that works well together and makes this film enjoyable nonetheless.

We’re The Millers Trailer

3 STARS!!!

3 / 5 stars     

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