Warm Bodies (2013)

This will not only be a review of Warm Bodies, but also my first review of a movie that’s now on DVD/Blu-Ray. New movies at RedBox will give me an opportunity to review films that I missed or saw before I began blogging! Here’s the first one, so I hope you enjoy it and go check it out! Warm Bodies has been one of the most surprising movies of the year for me!

I put it in, expecting a cliché zombie movie that also combines with a cliché love story, but what I go instead was so much more! This film doesn’t follow most traditional zombie movies. The films protagonist, R (Nicholas Hoult), is a zombie who can think and do things most zombies are incapable of. He explains to us that he doesn’t like eating people’s’ brains, but he really has no choice. He talks about how the life of a zombie is really dull. They walk around the same are really slowly. They mumble, they eat, and they don’t sleep. Oh, and they have no recollections of their previous life. So, to summarize, they pretty much do nothing. R is different, in the sense that he also sees the world differently. He wants to be able to roam around wherever and have actual conversations with his “friend”, M (Rob Corddry).. That’s when he and his “friends” meet a group of survivors that include Julie (Teresa Palmer), Perry (Dave Franco), and Nora (Analeigh Tipton). R kills and eats part of Perry’s brain, which reveals that eating a humans brain will fill your mind with your victims memories. This is also when R notices Julie, and becomes immediately infatuated with her. He manages to speak some English to her and gets her to safety.

The time he spends with her is filled with his increasing use of English (albeit poor English) and his thoughts that clearly narrate how he feels about Julie. He’s really quite funny and thinks about all the things most guys do when they’re nervous around girls. Julie begins to befriend him and sees that the zombies are changing. She could help stop the troops that kill zombies from their walled fortress, expect for the fact that her father, Colonel Grigio (John Malkovich), is the leader of the resistance. Talk about a father who’s pretty scary and will actually kill you if you’re with his daughter.

I won’t talk anymore about the plot, as it’s one that will surprise and enthrall you. What I can say, is that this movie is a new type of Zombie movie that deviates pretty far from the rest. It’s a refreshing look on the life of a Zombie and shows us that love can blossom just about anywhere, between anyone. I really loved this movie and for now, it’s one of my top movies of 2013 (there are still many, many great movies to come though). It’s out in stores now or at RedBox dispensers. I’d suggest going to a RedBox because it’s about a dollar per day and it’s more than worth it! And before I forget, here are my Top Ten Thoughts about Warm Bodies!


See! Anyone from young blondes to old Zombies can fall for R!



Seeing a movie from a Zombie’s perspective is really intriguing and very funny! It’s nice to see a Zombie movie make fun of Zombies!

Part of me would have liked to see some of what R was like before the Zombies took over. We don’t get many flashbacks, unfortunately.

I liked the concept of inheriting your victims memories when you eat their brain. I guess it makes brain-eating a bit more acceptable?

We never get an explanation as to how a person or a Zombie can turn into a Boney.

Nicholas Hoult is very funny and seeing his character grow and develop is a lot of fun! I’m predicting that he’s going to do lots of great work in the near future!

This movie couldn’t help but be cliché in a few instances, but I didn’t mind that much.

The humor that comes with trying to date a girl is incorporated fabulously into this movie. It’s fun to watch and certainly is relatable to most guys (and the girls being hit on).

I wanted a bit more character development from Julie, but her reactions and adaptations were pretty good.

The idea of learning to care for someone who’s different than you is ever-present in this film and rings true about a lot of aspects in our lives. Just because someone is different doesn’t mean they’re any less than you are.

The giant, walled off city seems pretty impenetrable, but is actually unrealistically penetrable.

The changing of these Zombies is interesting to see and it may even tap into some of your own emotions! The humanizing of these flesh-eating Zombies is really great!

There was a lack of action in this movie and personally, I wish that there was a bit more. Again, that’s not a bad thing.

Despite having a few cliché moments, the clichés are done really well and are adapted for the scenario very well too!

There isn’t enough of Rob Corddry. He’s hilarious and steals every scene that he’s in.

The supporting cast in this film are amazing! They react well, depending on which group they belong to!

The movies pace can shift from slow to fast unexpectedly. It’s not to bothersome though.

This is actually a romance movie that can be tolerable for most people who despise the genre. It’s cute, but it also has a lot of great elements to it!

It also would’ve been nice to see a bit more from Malkovich, who is a phenomenal actor.

This film is enjoyable from start to finish and will have you displaying a range of emotions! It’s a lot of fun and is very unexpected fun too!

This is not your average Zombie movie, so don’t expect it to be action and horror. However, it’s very good at what it is!


Warm Bodies is a fantastic new look on Zombie movies. It, like Shaun of the Dead, pokes fun at the disadvantages of Zombies and uses them to create incredible humor. Nicholas Hoult gives a great performance that showcases the fact that he’s going to be one of Hollywood’s leading actors soon enough. This film offers great comedy and even better romance! You’ll never find yourself bored, and if anything, you’ll find yourself surprisingly… surprised! It’s one of the years’ warmest and one of the year’s’ best! Certainly one that I’d highly recommend you go rent ASAP!

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4 STARS!!!

4 / 5 stars     

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