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Amy (Amy Schumer) has grown up believing that monogamy just isn’t realistic, all thanks to her cheating father (Colin Quinn), and because of that now lives a perfectly content life which invovles sleeping with many men. She’s not the settle down type of girl, until she’s asked to write an article on Dr. Aaron Conners (Bill Hader), a sports doctor who’s oddly close with LeBron James. Amy’s sister Kim (Brie Larson) is already married with a child and she finds herself unsure and alone while trying to sort out how she feels.

Amy and her semi-boyfriend (John Cena), take in an unconventional movie.
Amy and her semi-boyfriend (John Cena), take in an unconventional movie.

Trainwreck sees Director Judd Apatow soar to new heights in this collaboration with Amy Schumer and her tremendous screenplay. Sitting at the premiere for this film was a big deal and the audience’s reaction really speaks to just how hilarious and effective this film really is. On top of the fact that this film will solidify the notion raunchy women can lead big budget films, it also confirms that those same women can write as well as, or in this case better than many of Hollywood’s funny men. This film is the best step forward for women in comedy and a step in the right direction for female screenwriters as well.

Amy Schumer has impressed me with her unapologetic stand-up and hilarious show on Comedy Central (insert Inside Amy Schumer plug), but she absolutely blew me away with both her performance and writing abilities in this film. She’s quick-witted, raunchy, observant, and she brings such life to her character. She’s not afraid to be dirty, but more importantly she’s not afraid to be conflicting with her emotions. She’s a flawed, insecure character and Schumer plays her precisely like that. For her first film, Amy Schumer is absolutely incredible and made a lasting impression on me. I wholeheartedly believe that she’s going to be the new face of comedy and after this, she’s definitely earned it.

Aaron and Amy go out for a nice picnic.
Aaron and Amy go out for a nice picnic.

Judd Apatow, a man, a tweeter, and a director I’m very fond of, has been fighting for the female voice in comedy for years now. All the work he has done on HBO‘s Girls has brought Lena Dunham into the public eye and now he’s ushering in new talent with Schumer. Apatow, who usually writes his own material, handed over the reigns to Schumer, which is not an easy thing for a director to do. The trust he has in her abilities and the cast speaks for itself when you watch the film play out. There’s the funny and serious arc that’s common with Apatow films and the way he progresses the film is much quicker than his other films, making this film the perfect amount of time, comedy, and emotion.

Bill Hader has always made me bust a gut whenever he’s on-screen and that wasn’t any different this time around, except for the fact that he also made me smile often because of how he plays his character. His comedy never overshadows Schumer and he plays his character more straight than anyone else in the film. He’s vulnerable here, but has that loving look in his eyes and his connection with Schumer is actually quite a realistically beautiful thing. He also works extraordinarily well with LeBron James, who it turns out is actually insanely funny. James and John Cena (a lover of Amy’s in the film), two very masculine men, have no issue with showing a softer side to themselves and their delivery is responsible for some of the films biggest laughs. You can’t forget the wonderful Brie Larson, who keeps the film firmly emotionally grounded.

Judd Apatow, Amy Schumer, and Bill Hader pause filming for a quick laugh.
Judd Apatow, Amy Schumer, and Bill Hader pause filming for a quick laugh.

Anyone who’s seen a Judd Apatow film understands that his films deal with a lot of darker comedic undertones which reflect the reality of the world we live in. The drama in his films never comes off as corny or unbelievable because it’s almost too realistic. All jokes aside from monogamy and the way Schumer behaves, her character is incredibly insecure and so are all the others. The comedy isn’t as much as mask as it is a reflection of how these characters have lived their lives, but the poorly timed comedy reflects their lack of comfort. Schumer really emphasizes this in the relationship with her father which may be written off by some at first glance, but is actually one of the keys to why the film works as well as it does.

Trainwreck surpassed all my expectations and provided me with two hours of desperately needed laughter. Schumer’s script walks the perfect line between comedy and drama, keeping the audience sufficiently engaged and enjoying what they’re seeing. It’s hard to find the right words to effectively communicate just how amazing Amy Schumer, but the diverse audience’s eruptions of laughter and praise speak for themselves. Judd Apatow has delivered another great film that will slap sexist comedy notions in the face and will hopefully ignite the fire for more inclusion of women in the genre. Everyone involved in the project should feel proud to be a part of a tremendous film and a milestone for comediennes of all sorts.

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4.5 STARS!!!


4.5 / 5 stars     

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