Midyear Review: Top Ten Movies of 2013

It’s kind of weird that 2013 is half way over. After surviving 2012 and such horrible movies like Movie 43 and After Earth, we’ve reached the midpoint in a slightly disappointing first half of the years movies. There have been a lot of flops and shortcomings with movies this half-year, but there have been a good number that have surprised and even shone through in the darkest of times. Keep in mind, I haven’t had a chance to see some of the higher rated movies this year, so this post will have to exclude them. Movies such as: Before Midnight, Mud, Frances Ha, The Kings of Summer, and a few more. Despite that, I have seen a lot of movies this year and I have at least ten that really stood out to me this year. My Top Ten List is based on the quality of the movie and its’ entertainment value. I have reviews for most of them that are accessible on my site and through the hyperlinks at the end of each paragraph! Also, each title is a hyperlink to the movies’ IMDb profile! So, if you’re wondering what said movies are, here you go!

The Place Beyond The Pines
Ryan Gosling and Bradley Cooper fuel one of the most powerful and emotional father-son movie ever made. The raw emotion and reality of this film will touch just about everyone and will have you in tears a few times. The movie follows three stories that are masterfully woven together across three main characters. This is easily my favorite movie of the year and the best one I’ve seen this year. The Place Beyond The Pines will be released in August, so my review will come then!
(Review coming soon…)

Much Ado About Nothing
I can’t seem to shut up about this phenomenal film! I love it so much! I would go a third time if I didn’t have more movies to review. Joss Whedon has adapted a Shakespearean tale that has stood the test of time. The black and white feel combined with the temporary setting and amazing cast make for an unforgettable experience that will have you smiling all throughout.

This Is The End This
This Is The End is the funniest movie of the year, hands down. Never have I laughed this hard at such an original and hilarious comedy since I first saw The Hangover. This A-List cast knocks it out of the park with their altered depictions of themselves. The banter and situational comedy will have you busting a gut in your seat and will leave your abdomens sore for a few days. It’s certainly one that you don’t want to miss.

Fast and Furious 6
I’m being really honest here. This is not some joke. Fast and Furious 6 is the most fun you’re going to have at the theaters this summer (so far). The film acknowledges what it is and plays off of that well. The action scenes get bigger and better as the film progresses and there is rarely a dull moment. You’re going to love this movie regardless of what you thought of its four predecessors (excluding Fast Five). If you don’t enjoy this movie, something is terribly wrong with you or you just don’t like fun.

We Steal Secrets: The Story of WikiLeaks
This film is the first documentary I’ve watched this year and I absolutely loved it. The film centers around the origins of Wikileaks, the controversial website that uploads top-secret government documents, and its’ founder Julian Assange. We also get a glimpse at all the inner workings of Wikileaks and how they acquired the classified information that they published. It’s incredibly well-edited and the pace is fantastic. The level of intrigue I had while watching this film was off the charts and it only grew as the film progressed. I’d highly recommend this if you’re looking for a good documentary, and a good film too!
(Review coming soon…)

The Great Gatsby
Baz Luhurman’s newest remake of a novel classic is fresh and fun! This movie was visually stunning and completely captivated my attention from the get go. DiCaprio and the cast all amaze as their portrayals of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s famous characters really come to life. The movie is a great blend of old and new with a style that will please most. This movie is either hit or miss for most people, but for me, it’s incredible.

Warm Bodies
This movie was the biggest surprise of 2013 (movie-wise) that I’ve experienced. Warm Bodies is more than just a zombie movie. It’s almost the opposite, actually. What we get is a warm (no pun intended) movie that gives us a POV from a Zombie who just wants to go back to the way things were, especially after he falls in love with a human! This movie is hilarious and very well done. It’ll bring lots of surprises and lots of enjoyment to all!

World War Z
World War Z is the opposite of Warm Bodies! It’s fast paced, adrenaline filled, and full of fast-moving zombie out to kill and infect. This movie will often have you on the edge of your seat and will have you leaving very satisfied. After all its’ reshoot fiascos, this movie still managed to be really good. The last third of this film is fantastically well written and is extremely entertaining! This film will not disappoint you!

Monsters University
Perhaps the cutest movie of the year, Monsters University had me smiling every second of the way! While I don’t think that it lived up to the greatness of its’ predecessor, Monsters University is still a fantastic movie for kids and adults alike. The feel is more childlike, but the look and situations are more adult-like. All in all, this is a very cute movie that will not disappoint (with the exception of being better than Monsters’ Inc.)!

Europa Report
This film is a rare gem this year. It’s going to be released in August, but Magnet Releasing has it on demand as of now. You can check out their website at www.magnetreleasing.com or go on iTunes to download this movie. Europa Report is a lower budget Sci-Fi film about a group of Astronauts set to explore Europa, one of Jupiter’s moons. It’s film in a documentary style that also mixes with some POV and action shots. The film stays true to space and what its’ like out there. The film also captures that essence of our exploration really well. It’s a very, very great film and is one you should check out now, or when it comes out in theaters on August 2nd!
(Review coming soon…)

Well, there you have it! Those are my top 10 movies of the first half of 2013! This second half looks promising, so stay tuned for reviews of movies like The Lone Ranger and The Way, Way Back coming this Friday!

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