Top 10 Films I’m Excited For

Here I come with another Top 10 list! This time around, I’m choosing 10 films that I’m looking forward to later this year. There are so many that I can’t wait for, but I’ve somehow managed to narrow that list down to 10 films. All of these films look amazing and some of them that have played festivals, have gotten amazing reviews! Before I continue babbling, here are the Top 10 films I’m looking forward to in 2013! (Movie title includes link to IMDb page)

1o. The Monuments Men

9. Her

8. The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

7. Dallas Buyers Club

6. The Counselor

5. Inside Llewyn Davis

4. Gravity

3. American Hustle

2. 12 Years A Slave

1. The Wolf of Wall Street

There you have it! It was really tough narrowing this list down. I’m still excited for both Tom Hanks films (Captain Phillips & Saving Mr. Banks), Alexander Payne’s Nebraska, Bennett Miller’s Foxcatcher and Robert Redford’s one-man-show in All Is Lost. If there are any films that you think I’m missing or that you would include in your Top 10, comment below and let me know!

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