The Way Way Back (2013)

From the Oscar winning guys who wrote The Descendants, comes The Way Way Back, a film about loneliness, family, and the impact one person can make on your life. Jim Rash and Nat Faxon have now tried that hand at Directing, along with writing this movie. The result?  The years most heartwarming and touching film!

The film follows 14-year-old Duncan (Liam James), as he’s strung along for a Summer trip that he wants no part of. His mother, Pam (Toni Collette), has recently started dating Trent (Steve Carell). Trent is rude and overbearing towards Duncan, but is more relaxed and kind to his daughter Stephanie (Zoe Levin), who is nothing but a witch to him. Duncan is antisocial, awkward, and doesn’t really have friends or people who understand him. Things only get worse when he shows up to Trent’s beach house.

There, we meet couple Kip (Rob Corddry) and Joan (Amanda Peet), and Trent’s crazy neighbor Betty (Allison Janney). When surrounded by them, Trent returns to his teenage years and drags Pam with him. This practically exiles Duncan, except for the fact that Betty has an attractive daughter, Susanna (Annasophia Robb), to whom he takes an interest in. He begins to open up more around her after he meets Owen (Sam Rockwell), the owner of Water Wizz Water Park. Owen’s carefree attitude and love of laughter helps Duncan deal with his dreadful life. The rest of this wonderful film is for you to experience yourself, as it is one that will stay with your for a long time!

What works so well for this movie is its cast. Sam Rockwell leads one of the best ensembles in a film this year. His sarcasm and wit fuels his terrific performance. He’s one of Hollywood’s most underrated actors (in my opinion) and will hopefully gain some traction with this film. The writers/directors of this film have created yet another great Drama/Comedy. I can’t seem to say enough great things about this film, but if you’d like some more, they’re located bellow in my Top Ten Thoughts on The Way, Way Back!

So… Can we please just forget that I did 2012… This film is way, way better!

What I Enjoyed

What I Enjoyed Also

This screenplay is simply brilliant. Oscar winners Jim Rash and Nat Faxon have struck gold again!

The emotion that Toni Collette and Liam James evoke is unbelievable and very realistic! It’s enough to make you shed a tear!

Steve Carell plays a great asshole in this movie. He’s incredibly convincing.

The loneliness expressed by Liam James is far too relatable for us all.

Sam Rockwell steals the show. He’s heartwarming and hilarious!

Did I mention how fantastic Sam Rockwell is? Seriously… The guy is incredible!

This film has the sorrow of The Descendants, but with much more comedy.

Jim Rash (the dean in Community who won an Oscar for The Descendants) is hilarious in the film. He also wrote and directed the film. No big deal…

It’s good to see Annasophia Robb back in another big film! I really enjoy her as an actress! She’s great!

The setting and dialog feels very familiar. It’s relatable and it’s fun for adults and kids!

This movie will (hopefully) bring back Water Parks… That is, if they were ever gone.

James’ journey with Rockwell is sweet and a lot of fun to watch. Their onscreen chemistry is fantastic!

The blend of comedy and drama works wonderfully!

The character development is far better than most in this film!

The “spring break for adults” throwback seems pretty realistic.

I experienced just about every emotion while watching this film. That’s a big plus for me.

The things that come out of Allison Jenning’s mouth are gut-busting!

This is my favorite film of the Summer! So far…

The supporting cast in this movie is beyond amazing and incredibly talented!

The ending of this film is one of the more perfect endings I’ve ever seen in a movie!


The Way, Way Back has to be one of the finest films of the year! It’s a multitude of comedy and drama that will have you riding an emotional high the whole way through! The fantastic dialog is delivered wonderfully by the amazing ensemble in this film. It touches on loneliness that we all feel and how we can eventually overcome it through one kind person. One kind person is all it takes. In this case, one amazing movie has cured mine and many others movie loneliness. What we get from this film is one of the best times at the movies! This is a film that will touch everyone who watches it and is one that should be viewed by any and everybody! So far, this is my favorite film of the Summer!

The Way Way Back Trailer

4.5 STARS!!!

4.5 / 5 stars     

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