The To Do List (2013)

Have you ever made a to do list? If so, I’m sure it included something about getting your work done, doing something for someone, and something that would help you reach a goal. Or maybe, it was a step-by-step procedure to help ensure your success in something! That’s a completely normal to do list. Perhaps, that’s the antithesis to the to-do list we see in the appropriately titled, The To Do List!

We start off the film with a sweeping shot of Brandy Clark’s (Aubrey Plaza) room. We see medals, awards, ribbons, and most anything that resembles a high level of success. Then we move to her graduation where she is crowned Valedictorian and is brought up to speak in front of her peers. Before she finishes three sentences, a female student cries out “Get of the stage, Virgin”! Naturally, she gets off the stage. Embarrassed and upset, Brandy isn’t feeling too hot after the ceremony. It doesn’t help when her sister Amber (Rachel Bilson) is reinforcing said students comment. Her only ray of light is Cameron (Johnny Simmons), her science buddy. His awkward advances and words of encouragement help her a bit.

Speaking of help, Brandy’s best friends Fiona (Alia Shawkat) and Wendy (Sarah Steele) trick her into going to a kegger, rather than the boring grad night she’d planned on attending. Brandy is against every bit of the party, until she sees the beautiful and hunky, Rusty Waters (Scott Porter). After her glimpse of the God-like man, she decides a little party never hurt anybody. She begins to drink, dance and have a great time. It gets better when Rusty mistakenly kisses her. Now, she’s dead-set on losing her virginity to him by the end of the Summer! Only one problem. Her dad (Clark Gregg) is an uptight Judge who is overprotective of her. Her mom (Connie Britton) couldn’t care less. SHe might even want to help Brandy.

It sounds easier in her mind. She has had zero sexual experiences. She’s the girl who has a to do list for when she got to college, entailing the way she should organize and label clothes. Well, after scratching that original to do list, she creates another one that lists all the sexual acts she needs to do before sex. Thus begins our adventure into the mind of a teenage girl bent on losing her virginity to an older guy. It’s only coincidence that Brandy and Rusty should work for Willy (Bill Hader), a deadbeat pool owner, and that Brandy should try to seduce him by any means possible.

Along her sexual journey, she experiments with any willing guy to cross one more thing off the list. We see her rapid transformation into a sexual fiend, as she leaves her old life behind. That can be a positive or a negative for her. The best part of getting to your goal is the journey. I won’t say anymore, but this film works because of its unconventional and taboo journey! Before we get to my Top Ten Thoughts, I will say that this film is full of sexual events (not entirely shown) that may rub people the wrong way. The language and references may be a bit too much for some. Don’t go in expecting anything less than that. With all that in mind, if you are still interested in seeing this film (as you should be), here are my Top Ten Thoughts on The To Do List!


The To-Do List

How can someone so sweet and innocent possibly make such a vulgar and suggestive list? Answer: Hormones

What I Enjoyed

What I Didn’t Enjoy

Aubrey Plaza’s dry humor sarcastic tones make her line delivery so much better.

Plaza seems a little bit too willing to try some of the odd, sexual acts on her to-do list.

Rachel Bilson plays the anti-Bilson in a role that’s both hilarious and crude.

Clark Gregg and Connie Britton were hilarious together! It’s a shame that they weren’t featured more.

The very concept of this film is unlike most of the Hollywood garbage that’s being made. It’s an original script with an original concept. And, it’s hilarious!

This film doesn’t hold back it all. It’s vulgar, uncensored, and deals with some touchy subject matter. If you’re against all of that, this is not the film for you.

This film looked pretty funny. Once I was watching, I was surprised at how much funnier it actually was.

Plaza’s friends seemed more like extras. You don’t really get to know them. They’re just kind of there.

This film explores hormones and sexuality through the eyes of an innocent young girl. A nice change up from movies about men dealing with similar issues.

McLovin does some weird stuff in this movie. Actually, most people do weird stuff in this film. It’s really hard to get some of the visuals out of your head.

Plaza’s booksmart attitude towards sexual events is fantastic. The comments she makes about names of certain acts will have you dying of laughter.

The film doesn’t really explain what some of the items on the To-Do list mean. I got most of the references, but I was still curious and in the dark on some of them.

The supporting cast in this film is fantastic! They all serve a great comedic purpose that also have motives behind their actions.

This film can’t help but fall into some of the usual cliches that most romance/sexual films do. The whole “no strings attached” doesn’t play well in this film.

At its core, the film explores why we wait for certain things and why those things actually matter.

Plaza’s dry humor is hit or miss, sometimes. She seems to be an acquired taste. You enjoy her or you don’t.

This film does not hold back with it’s dialog and its visuals. It’s raunchy and crude… I say props to them for being risque!

At times, this film kind of felt like an American Pie movie to me. I liked the first one, but the same song and dance gets a bit old after a while.

This is one of the funniest films of the last few years. It’s comparable to The Hangover and Bridesmaids when relating to subject matter and how far they take it!

This film feels a bit reserved at times. With its suggestive plot and dialog, it could have crossed the line a bit more, while still being a good movie. That being said, it’s still a hilarious movie that you should see with your friends and not your parents.


The To Do List takes a bold step forward for teenage girls in terms of their sexual desires. The whole film takes on their perspective and shows that women can be just as raunchy and crude as men can. Plaza leads the cast to many a laugh, but can’t save the jokes that just aren’t good. The touchy subject matter is handled pretty well and provides you with lots of uncomfortable entertainment! It’s one of the funniest films I’ve seen in a long time and is one that I’d contemplate seeing again if I’m in need of a good time and some laughter. Just promise me you won’t go see this with any of your family members… Friends should come first in this instance. You’ll thank me later.

The To Do List Trailer

4 STARS!!!

4 / 5 stars     

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