The Bling Ring (2013)

the bling ring

The Bling Ring is perhaps one of the biggest letdowns of this movie year. It features an incredible story, about a group of teenagers in Hollywood who steal from celebrities houses while the celebrities are out-of-town. While the story may be great, the film is not. Like the other big movie flop this year, Pain and Gain, both are based around a newspaper article that was then turned in to a film. Unfortunately, this movie didn’t live up to that story.

The film follows high school friends Rebecca (Katie Chang) and Marc (Israel Broussard), as they stir up trouble in their neighborhoods when they begin checking for unlocked cars. If one is unlocked, they get it and steal whatever is valuable. This graduates to going into homes of friends they know and getting in through sliding doors that were left unlocked. They hangout for a while, try clothes on, and take whatever it valuable. It’s all fun and games until fashion and celebrity obsessed Marc and Rebecca discover that Paris Hilton is out-of-town.

Marc finds her address and the two practically walk right in to her house because she left her Eiffel Tower keys under the mat (not very surprising for her). After a good loot and time at Paris’, Marc and Rebecca brag about the heist to their friends Nicki (Emma Watson), Sam (Taissa Farmiga), and Chloe (Claire Julien). After the showing off of fancy clothes, their friends immediately want in and they all wind up back at Paris Hilton’s house pretty soon.

After a few nights in Paris (yes that’s a pun), the gang begin robbing from other out-of-town celebrities, including: Orlando Bloom, Audrina Patridge, Rachel Bilson, and Lindsay Lohan. All seems to be going well, until their poor social media choices and bragging gets them in trouble. What happens next for the Bling Ring? I guess you’ll just have to watch and find out for yourselves!

Or, instead of doing that, you can read the original news article here: The Suspects Wore Louboutins. Why should you read instead of watch? Well, this movie is very repetitive and even gets boring at times. All we see is a bunch of heists and then the shenanigans that occur afterwards. Then there’s a repeat of the same exact thing. Nothing new ever occurs and it becomes boring after a while. Emma Watson is great in the film (the best of the group for sure) and she sort of saves the movie a few times. Other than that, the film is just the same thing, over and over again, that’s better off read in the news article. If you’re still curious about Watson and other aspects of the film, keep reading for my Top Ten Thoughts on The Bling Ring!

(In an English accent) "Why must we always save the movie? Well, at least we look goo doing it."

What I Enjoyed

What I Didn’t Enjoy

Emma Watson carries most of this movie. It’s awesome seeing her so successful after Harry Potter ended. Also, her character range since then is amazing!

This movie is 90% repetition. Steal… Party… Shop… Repeat.

Leslie Mann is hilarious in this movie. She’s a great addition to a pretty bad cast.

These kids are really, really dumb. I question their parents parenting skills a lot.

The first “heist” is pretty thrilling for the audience! Not so much for the following heists…

Marc is a very odd guy. I’m not sure whether or not it’s the character or the actor, but either way, he’s an odd and unreadable guy.

I’ve learned to always lock my sliding door! Which was a big takeaway from this movie. Abide by that rule.

The “Califorian Accents” in this film are terrible. They’re so fake and it’s way too noticeable. It gets very bothersome after a short while.

Marc reacts to these heists as most people would. He’s paranoid someone might catch them and does a great job showing that.

Chloe literally serves no purpose in this movie. I hate when the word “literally” is misused, so I made sure that I’m properly using it to describe her uselessness.

Rebecca really nails the whole “kleptomaniac” thing. She is very great at stealing.

Everyone in this movie is just so dumb, whether it be in regards to how they use social media, or how they brag to their peers about stealing from Paris Hilton’s house.

Some of the camera shots are amazing. Coppola does a great job with certain angles and shooting styles.

There are only about three settings in this movie. Celebrity houses, the club, and the characters houses.

Seeing the heists stop is very pleasing. No more repetition! Woohoo!

This film tries to be big and fun, but ultimately, it winds up being repetitive and slightly uninteresting.

The ending was pretty cool and creative, aside from being rushed.

You really don’t connect with ANY of the characters. You don’t feel bad for them or good for them.

The “Social Media” and “Don’t Be Stupid” messages are emphasized a lot in this film. Also, kids are really, really stupid… This movie reaffirmed that for me.

The films repetition overshadows its fantastically true story.


While having the best intentions to show you how these kids operated, Sofia Coppola has fallen short by making a movie that repeats itself and lacks any originality after a while. What we take away is that kids are very dumb and should be safer with social media and what they say. Also, lock your sliding doors. While the premise is a fantastic one, it just wasn’t shown well on the big screen. Rather than seeing the movie and ending up disappointed, read the news article because it is a fantastic one!

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2.5 STARS!!!

2.5 / 5 stars     

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