Mad Max: Fury Road (2015)

May 18, 2015 0

After nearly 50 years since the collapsing of civilization, humanity has become corrupt and the powerful control the water, oil, and all the resources that humans need to survive. At the Citadel, Immortan Joe rules […]

Good Kill (2015)

April 10, 2015 0

Tom Egan (Ethan Hawke) was once a fighter pilot who served multiple tours overseas for the United States. After drones began to take over the skies, Tom was retasked to operate and carry out drone […]

Divergent (2014)

March 20, 2014 2

Teenage novels have swayed the film industry ever since Harry Potter took off. Once it was a financial success, the industry looked to the Twilight Saga and then most notably, The Hunger Games. These films also set a precedence of breaking […]