Edge of Tomorrow (2014)

June 6, 2014 3

While 2013 may have brought us some of the best films in quite some time, the Summer movie season really wasn’t all that great, or eventful. There wasn’t much in terms of standout action and […]

Edge of Tomorrow Trailer (2014)

February 1, 2014 0

Tom Cruise, undeniably the world’s biggest action star, is venturing into the realm of Sci-Fi for the second straight year. After his  2013 hit, Oblivion, Cruise has everything going for him. In Edge of Tomorrow, he plays […]

Oblivion (2013) ***1/2

August 6, 2013 12

Tom Cruise is back in another awesome (almost) Summer flick! This time, it’s a multitude of successful and intriguing Science Fiction films. That’s right, Oblivion pretty much “steals” from every beloved SciFi film that’s ever […]