Midnight Special (2016)

March 13, 2016 0

Emerging from the independent film scene backed by a distributor willing to take a shot on independent science-fiction, Jeff Nichols and longtime collaborator Michael Shannon untie forces again to explore the supernatural. Well, explore might […]

Ex Machina (2015)

April 19, 2015 0

Caleb (Domhnall Gleeson) is one of Blue Book’s, a behemoth search engine company, best programmers and he’s just won an invitation to spend a week with the company’s creator, Nathan (Oscar Isaac). Caleb will be […]

The Signal (2014)

September 8, 2014 0

Science Fiction is such an intriguing genre of Film/T.V., because it allows for a lot of exploration into things unknown. Most times, SciFi asks you to suspend your disbelief and just go with things (which […]

Under the Skin (2014)

June 26, 2014 2

The great thing about Science Fiction is that it explores so many different ideas and possibilities in our universe. Sometimes, even social messages can be found in SciFi and we don’t even know it. Often, […]

Transcendence (2014)

April 17, 2014 5

For me, the biggest problem with Science-Fiction is that new ideas in this film are very rare. There’s usually something about animal testing, a potential cure for cancer, Artificial Intelligence, technology taking over, and that […]

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