Midnight Special (2016)

March 13, 2016 0

Emerging from the independent film scene backed by a distributor willing to take a shot on independent science-fiction, Jeff Nichols and longtime collaborator Michael Shannon untie forces again to explore the supernatural. Well, explore might […]

Mid-Year Top 25 (2014)

July 1, 2014 2

We’re at that point in time where we’ve reached the midpoint for the year. The latter half of 2013 brought us some of the most memorable and groundbreaking films in years. There was no way […]

Best Films of 2013

December 24, 2013 2

WOW… What a year it has been for film in 2013. Starting off slowly, this year quickly turned into one of the best years for film that I’ve ever seen (keep in mind that’s only […]

The Canyons (2013)

November 27, 2013 0

Nowadays, anyone can claim that they’re a photographer or film-maker. Technically, they are right, because modern cellphones have such amazing cameras that it’s possible to shoot wonderful video. However, that doesn’t mean they’re going to […]

2014 Oscar Predictions

November 17, 2013 0

It’s been a fantastic year for film in 2013 and as the year winds down, I only thought it appropriate to post my Oscar predictions for 2014. Compared to most, mine are very unorthodox, but […]

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