Danny Collins (2015)

April 13, 2015 0

As a young man, Danny Collins (Al Pacino) burst into the music scene with a signature folk style. He did an interview in which he cited John Lennon as inspiration. Unbeknownst to Danny, Lennon wrote […]

Manglehorn (2015)

March 15, 2015 0

Manglehorn (Al Pacino) is a keymaker who lives by himself with his cat for his best-friend. He lives a life of solitude, but that isn’t the worst thing in the world in his mind. Every […]

The Family (2013)

September 15, 2013 0

Remember the golden days, when Robert De Niro was in his prime and cranking out mafia movie after mafia movie? Those were the days… We got tough, ruthless and somewhat funny Robert De Niro and […]