Star Trek: Into Darkness (2013)

Following up his revival of the Star Trek series with Star Trek (2009), Director J.J Abrams is back, presenting his follow-up film, Star Trek: Into Darkness. Star Trek: Into Darkness takes place right after the events of its predecessor and starts off with an opening scene that refamiliarizes you with all the members aboard the U.S.S Enterprise and their roles on the ship. With this newest Star Trek installment, J.J Abrams has incorporated some of the die-hard Trekkie fans favorite characters and sayings. I’m really glad that he listened because I enjoyed it alot. However, I think this film lacks what the first one had; awesome space fights and character depth. However, Benedict Cumberbatch was a fantastic addition to the cast and simply commands the screen when he’s on. Cumberbatch plays John Harrison, a federation member whom kills many other Federation members and then flees to the Klingon world of Kronos. Captain Kirk (Chris Pine) and Commander Spock (Zachary Quinto) then take the Enterprise to the edge of Kronos, where they’ll have to decide on whether or not to enter Klingon airspace illegally to capture this terrorist, or let him be (that’s not really Kirk’s style). They also have 72 Photon Torpedoes… so there’s that. Now, let’s switch over to Tiffany’s Top Ten Thoughts about Star Trek: Into Darkness!



Benedict Cumberbatch is the perfect villain in this movie. He does an outstanding job!

There’s lots of dead air… Or time spent just sitting in Space.

Zachary Quinto’s Spock is spot on. He’s giving Leonard Nimoy a run for his money.

Scotty is barely in the movie at all! He’s the funniest one there and he’s gone for most of it.

This film does a great job of tying in previous Star Trek films and episodes.

There was not enough action to rival 2009’s Star Trek. Needs more lasers!

The Klingons!!!! They’re awesome, look awesome, and fight awesomely.

Bones gets rather annoying rather quickly. He mostly repeats variations of his key phrases.

Visuals were simply gorgeous. Even the lens flares that J.J loves were beautifully incorporated.

The ending was very disorganized and cluttered. It was cool, but bizarre.

Kirk and Spock’s relationship grows even more in this film, and it’s a great one.

Carol, the new half naked girl, really serves no purpose. She will eventually marry Kirk, but they barely talk.

The U.S.S Vengeance is badass. It dwarfed the Enterprise and its technology is killer.

The supporting cast was hardly involved! They’re what made the first film such a success! They work so well together.

The overall concept for this film is really good!

I did love the Klingons, but I wish Abrams would’ve introduced some more species in this film.

The futuristic audio adds even more greatness to the film. Lasers and space travel sound even better.

This movie relies a lot on convenience… Like a lot. It’s really ridiculous at some points.

After watching this film, I am eagerly awaiting Star Wars VII. I think the movie is safe in J.J’s hands.

This film came up short compared to its predecessor. It just didn’t have that magic feel that the first did.


Star Trek: Into Darkness falls short, in my opinion, as far as besting the first goes. That’s not to say that this was a bad movie though. There are a lot of great, action-packed moments in this film. For me and many others though, there weren’t enough. This movie’s saving grace was the addition of Benedict Cumberbatch and the continued greatness shown by Zachary Quinto. They add a great rivalry that spawns a lot of great conversations and fights. As you would expect, the audio and visual in this fill are beyond your expectations. Abrams really knows how to grab your attention and fill it with beautiful images and unbelievable sounds. You’re going to have a lot of fun at this film, especially if you like the original Star Trek, because Abrams listened and pays homage to the original series in this movie. If you don’t really like Star Trek, you probably would only like this for its beauty and action (which is mainly why I liked it). For me, there was just too much time spent in Space where dialog is the only thing going on. If it were Tarantino dialog that blows you away, that would be awesome. Unfortunately, it’s somewhat dull and uninteresting. Regardless of my not enjoying some aspects of this film, it’s till an awesome and fun movie to go see when you have the time. You’ll come out of the movie loving the visuals and sound effects, and maybe even the movie too. The biggest reason you need to see this movie is Benedict Cumberbatch. He’s on a hot streak now and can’t be stopped, so make sure you see him in this before it’s too late!

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3 STARS!!!

3 / 5 stars     

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