Spring Breakers (2013)

From the imaginative and neon-filled mine of Harmony Korine comes Spring Breakers, a tale of freedom, bad decisions, and… SPRING BREAK!!! So, you can only assume that this film will emulate what spring break is like in a place like Miami. There’s a ton of boobs, a ton of alcohol, and lots of illegal substances that you can guess about based on your knowledge of spring break in Miami.

The film follows the anti sisterhood of the traveling pants group, who’s made up of: Faith (Selena Gomez), Candy (Vanessa Hudgens), Brit (Ashley Benson), and Cotty (Rachel Korine). Within the group, Faith is aptly named because of her relationship with her church and with god. Candy and Brit are a disastrous duo bent on having fun by any means necessary, and Cotty just feels like a fourth wheel.

The group all want to leave their Podunk college town, as life there is boring and repetitive.  Their solution to not having enough money to get to Florida is to rob a diner with squirt guns and use the stolen money to get there. As simple a plan as it is, it works pretty well and the girls end up having the time of their lives in a place like any other. They spend days drinking and nights partying. That is, until they wind up arrested and put in jail with a bail that none of them can pay. That’s when James Franco comes into play, portraying his gangster/rapper/hustler/drug-dealer/weirdo known as “Alien”. Alien bails the girls out and then brings them along for another wild ride and this is where I’ll stop with plot details.

For the most part, this film is a unique and stylish portrayal of what spring break is supposed to be like (as far as our imaginations will stretch it to be). All of the characters and places in this movie have unique, neon colors that shine through for the films duration. There is tons of nudity and use of illegal substances, so be warned! This film doesn’t hold back at all, which is a film-making aspect that I respect and enjoy. Gomez keeps the film grounded with her religious beliefs that tear at the side of her that wants to party and make really poor life choices. As for the rest of the girls, they kind of go all out. James Franco really stands out in this film with his fantastic portrayal of an odd gangster. When you see him, you won’t recognize him. He gives his all in this movie and it really shows. Wondering what else I thought about Spring Breakers? Well, you can find out in my Top Ten Thoughts section below!


Mom… what happened to my favorite Disney and T.V stars?!?!?!?!

What I Enjoyed

What I Didn’t Enjoy

Korine captures the idealistic Spring Break perfectly.

This film is extremely gratuitous.

James Franco steals the show with an unusual, but incredible performance.

This film might be a little too realistic when depicting Spring Break…

Selena and the girls prove that Princesses have a dark side.

Gucci Mane is as good an actor as he is a rapper.

The neon/colorful visuals are spectacular.

Rachel Korine only serves to get naked and to get shot.

Faith is what keeps Selena grounded. Her faith makes her realize that she isn’t where she wants to be.

Your beloved Disney Princesses get naked, drink tons of alcohol, do illegal drugs, and do other things with other people.

The feeling of wanting to leave ones small town is completely relatable.

Some of what Franco does is really weird and is never explained…

The techno/pop soundtrack is modern and totally awesome.

The repetitive shots of Spring Break get really old, really quickly.

Franco and the girls sing Britney Spears.

The latter half of this film lacks structure and organization.

Great character development and character arcs for most of the cast.

Hudgens and Benson are way too willing to do anything for people they hardly know.

This film demonstrates the lengths that some will go to in order to achieve “happiness”.

The ending to this film is really bizarre. It’s rushed and forced. Also, it doesn’t make a lot of sense, story wise.


Spring Breakers offers a new and unique movie to 2013’s slew of films. What we get is a deeper look into what spring break is supposedly about and how our desires can fuel a lot of bad decisions that will stay with us the rest of our lives. We also get a relatable film that connects with us on the level of wanting to leave home for an adventure. We all get bored of home and would love to escape to something different, but at what cost? We also get to see what happens to young stars after they leave their childhood spotlight. Spring Breakers is visually captivating with its colorful, graphic sequences that will stick with you long after the viewing! It’s certainly one of the better and more unique films of 2013 that most people should make an effort to see!

Spring Breakers Trailer


4 STARS!!!

4 / 5 stars     

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