R.I.P.D. (2013)

R.I.P.D (aka. Men In Black 4), follows Nick Walker (Ryan Reynolds), after he’s been shot and killed in a police raid. He’s then whooshed up to some sort of heaven, only to find out that he is being sent to a white room. In that room, a proctor (Mary-Louise Parker) tells him that he’s dead and that he’s lucky he’s there because a dirty cop would most likely be going down South. Fortunately for Nick, his police work is good enough to get him noticed by the Rest In Peace Department. If he works for them, he doesn’t go down South. So, Nick is then paired up with Veteran Roy Pulsipher (Jeff Bridges). Together, the must keep Boston safe disguised as a hot blonde and an old Chinese man!

In one word, this movie could be described as “odd”. It’s essentially ripping off Men In Black. The similarities are uncanny. Rookie and Veteran duo. Cool gadgets. They kill monsters living among the humans. They work in a giant place that houses monsters. Even the monsters in the movie look similar, except the CGI in the MIB series is much better. Also, Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones had chemistry. Reynolds and Bridges? Nope.

The story in this film is predictable and overused. The lack of chemistry between Reynolds and Bridges proves uninteresting to the audience. The monsters look really fake. There is not a lot in this movie to keep you even remotely interested. I will say, Jeff Bridges is pretty funny. He’s what really keep this movie from totally collapsing. Other than that, this movie is lazy and looks cheap. With that, here are my Top Ten Thoughts on R.I.P.D!

Ryan Reynolds trying to be a tough guy. Does it work? Not really.


What I Enjoyed

What I Didn’t Enjoy

Jeff Bridges’ questionable accent is pretty funny.

Jeff Bridges’ accent is very inaudible during most of the film.

This Men In Black type film was better than M.I.B 3.

This Men In Black type film was still bad. There is no questioning that fact.

The visual effects were pretty great in this film, for being 15 years old…

This movie is still an odd concept. Little did I, or anyone know, this film is based off of a dark Horse comic book series. I feel like that should have been in the advertisements.

The concept behind this idea is odd, but somewhat interesting. They play with the concept well.

The comedy in this film revolves around “puns” about being dead. They’re stale jokes that aren’t delivered well.

Reynolds gives an alright performance that works because of his comedic delivery.

Ryan Reynolds doesn’t really sell the whole “action hero” role. He’s not bad in this film, but he’s not good.

The idea of coming back and being displayed as someone else was hilarious in this film. There’s a lot works with a hot blonde and old Chinese man as a crime fighting duo!

This movie recycles a lot of other movies from every type of genre. There are more cliches in this film than I’d like to count. It gets really annoying after a while and they’re very hard to miss.

Kevin Bacon is in this movie! He’s pretty good in it too!

This movie is so predictable. You’ll map this movie out pretty easily.

The stuff that comes out of Jeff Bridges mouth is pretty entertaining.

Ryan Reynolds and Jeff Bridges lack any chemistry in this film. That makes it tough to enjoy it.

The rules of the R.I.P.D are actually pretty creative and intertwine with the story.

Most of the characters in this film make poor decisions that will end up hurting them. That, or they don’t make decisions at all.

This film is pretty decent and elicits a few laughs and occasionally, a few smiles.

All in all, this movie is something you’ve seen dozen times before and something that, in this case, you don’t need to see again.


R.I.P.D is one of the years weirdest films. With a Men In Black style approach, this film also borrows from just about every action movie out there. Jeff Bridges’ and Ryan Reynolds’ don’t really sell the concept of the movie, seeing as they each have their own issues with the rules and how things happen. The film isn’t very funny and has a story that everyone has seen before. In that case, this is a movie you can skip because you would already know what happens. Here lays another Summer movie disappointment. Hopefully, this film will R.I.P soon enough…

R.I.P.D Trailer


2 STARS!!!

2 / 5 stars     

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