Should I See It & Nick Tiffany’s Movie Reviews foray into the world of podcasting with the Should I See It podcast! Featuring Mike Ward and Nick Tiffany, this is nothing more than a good ol’ fashioned weekly discussion about the new movies in theaters, movies coming home on DVD/Blu-Ray and Video on Demand, the RedBox Pick of the Week and whatever else we end up talking about!

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Should I See It Podcast #12 (recorded: November 2, 2013)

Nick and Mike are back to talk about Oscar contender’s 12 Years A Slave and Dallas Buyers Club. Nick falls head-over-heels for About Time and also really enjoyed seeing Ender’s Game, despite the awful author of the book. Oh, and Thor: The Dark World is also mentioned… New DVD’s are discussed and Mike practically drools over the beloved Frances Ha. Some Oscar talk is mentioned and the addition of cats, dogs, and kids make their way into the recording. The end result? A fulfilling and interesting time!


Should I See It Podcast #11 (recorded: October 26, 2013)

Nick and Mike dive back into the world of film by looking at recent theatrical releases The FIfth EstateCarrieAll Is Lost and The Counselor. New DVDs are talked about including Before MidnightThe ConjuringOnly God Forgives and a whole lot more. Trailers are mentioned, the guys realize that Rose Byrne and Saoirse Ronan are apparently in everything and Mike loses his mind over the movie Soul Surfer. All of this and much, much more in the latest edition of the Should I See It Podcast.


Should I See It Podcast #10 (recorded: October 12, 2013)

Mike and Nick are back after a 2-week absence to discuss Theatrical Releases: Don Jon, Rush, Runner Runner, Gravity, Machete Kills & Captain Phillips. An overview of the New York Film Festival is covered and eventually leads into October Oscar Talk! The races are tightening up and what started out as a slow year, has now built into one of the best in years. New trailers are also covered and DVD recaps are covered as well! Films including: Her, 12 Years A Slave, Nebraska, All Is Lost and Inside Llewyn Davis have garnered high praise, whereas Oscar hopeful The Secret Life of Walter Mitty and many others have seemed to disappoint (in a sense). The fiasco that was The Wolf of Wall Street being moved is covered, alongside the talks of Foxcatcher and Grace of Monaco being pushed to 2014. Anything and everything movie is discussed in our 10th Podcast. It may run long, but you’ll leave informed and hopefully pleased! Thank you for all the support and for helping us make it to 10!


Should I See It Podcast #9 (recorded: September 22, 2013)

Nick and Mike dive into the 9th Should I See It podcast, trying to avoid the distractions of the Seattle Seahawks game against the Jacksonville Jaguars. When focused, we breakdown Prisoners, engage in a debate over the Iron Man movies, in advance of Iron Man 3 arriving on home video this week, and look at Kings of Summer and Room 237. Chris Brown is mentioned and a token acknowledgment of Battle of the Year 3D is made, while Salinger and Mademoiselle C lead to a rambling documentary discussion, symbolic of the films which prompt our conversation. Our ninth podcast is now ready for your enjoyment! #GOHAWKS


Should I See It Podcast #8 (recorded: September 15, 2013)

Nick and Mike take a look at INSIDIOUS CHAPTER 2 and Nick has the lone voice on De Niro, Pfeiffer and Tommy Lee Jones in THE FAMILY. New DVDs are discussed including WORLD WAR Z, THE EAST, THE BLING RING and BEHIND THE CANDELABRA. We finally catch up to our Redbox movies STRANDED and the glorious BEHIND CLOSED DOORS…and set the stage for the weekend to come!


Should I See It Podcast #7 (recorded: September 8, 2013)

This week, Nick and Mike take a look at Vin Diesel’s return to the Pitch Black franchise with Riddick, while trying to tactfully discuss the Mothers-loving-sons drama Adore with Naomi Watts and Robin Wright. Finally, Short Term 12 scores as one of 2013′s best discoveries and a plea is made to seek it out and see it immediately. A look at the week’s new DVDs are included while Mike extends personal thanks to directorSteven Berryessa, who reached out to the podcast after we reviewed his film ZOMBIE WARZ: FALLS THE SHADOW!


Should I See It Podcast #6 (recorded: September 2, 2013)

Mike survived a Matt and Kim mosh pit while Nick journeyed back from vacation to deliver Episode 6 of our show. We discuss the pop music showdown from the weekend, Gomez v. 1D, reviewing Getaway and theOne Direction film, plus we talk about Closed Circuit. We breakdown new DVDs and discuss Sarah Polley’s Stories We Tell and get ridiculously excited about the home video unveiling of Sharknado. A fistfight nearly breaks out over one comedy classic and we have lots more in this edition of the Should I See It Podcast…


Should I See It Podcast #5 (recorded: August 26, 2013)

Episode 5 of the Should I See It podcast finds Nick and Mike stumbling through the clumsy THE MORTAL INSTRUMENTS: CITY OF BONES, praising horror film YOU’RE NEXT and finding satisfaction in reachingTHE WORLD’S END. A summary of RedBox Movie of the Week DECEPTZ leads Nick to spouting dialogue directly from the film and heralds the apparent use of Windows Movie Maker in final editing of the film. Nick gushes over GREAT GATSBY, Mike cannot even when it comes to PAIN & GAIN and a whole lot more!


Should I See It Podcast #4 (recorded: August 18, 2013)

Mike and Nick take a look at the week’s new movies: Mike has a meltdown over Kick-Ass 2, Nick leads the conversation on Jobs, and the guys try and decide if Lee Daniels’ The Butler is truly a biopic or not. A look at the new DVDs leads to Mike talking about Oscar winner Amour and the RedBox movie of the week – Zombie Warz: Falls The Shadow brings nothing but confusion.


Should I See It Podcast #3 (recorded: August 12, 2013)

Episode 3 of the Should I See It Podcast finds Nick doing the heavy lifting on Elysium and We’re The Millers, while both of us tear apart Planes and Percy Jackson: Sea Of Monsters. New trailers are discussed, Mike talks about new documentary Act of Killing and together, Nick and Mike run through new Blu-Ray releases, this week’s bizarre straight to Redbox Movie of the Week (Magic Magic), and prepare for some Zombie Warz!


Should I See It Podcast #2 (recorded: August 4, 2013)

This episode, Mike Ward and Nick Tiffany will be covering the week’s latest movies (including: 2 Gunsand The Smurfs 2), New DVD’s (including: MudThe Place Beyond The PinesThe Sapphires,OblivionTo The Wonder and West of Memphis), New Trailers (including: All Is LostMachete Kills,Mandela: Long Walk To FreedomAmerican HustleThe Secret Life of Walter Mitty and About Time),New On-Demand and Digital Downloads (including: The CanyonsPassion and Drinking Buddies), a very entertaining chat about the glorious Battledogs, our new RedBox Movie of the week, an overview of next week’s movies and our Movie Picks of the Week!


Should I See It Podcast #1 (recorded: July 27, 2013)

Hello and welcome to the first Should I See It Podcast. Your hosts, Mike Ward and Nick Tiffany, are both self published movie reviewers in the Seattle area. We love all things movie, so we figured we’d talk about all things movie and make it a Podcast! In this first episode, we cover: this week’s new releases,upcoming moviesnew Video On Demand/Digital DownloadsDVD Releases, the RedBox Movie of the week, trailers and some of our favorites for the year! We’re very excited to be Podcasting and we hope you enjoy our show! You can find both our sites at http://shouldiseeit.net/ (Mike Ward) and http://nicktiffany.com/ (Nick Tiffany)

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