Navigating and Understanding My Site

Hello and welcome to the newly remodeled, Nick Tiffany’s Movie Reviews website!

The site is now vastly different from my last style, but I changed it to help you and myself. With my old layout, I could only post movie reviews. Now, I have control over which categories I can display and I can now write posts like this and I can talk about Trailers (which I love). With this new layout, I can do more of what I love, which (I hope) will also help you find what you want faster.

Along the Top Bar are links to the different pages that I have within my site. The Home button will always take you back to the main screen. Archives, will lead you to a page with every review that I’ve written and you can search and select for one there. Movie News & Reviews is the page that houses everything I post. It’s the other option for a homepage, but I figured you’d all like something more organized. Movie Trailers takes you to a page with many different trailers in YouTube links. You simply tap on a link and watch! The Upcoming Movies page has a list of Movie Release dates by week, for the rest of the year! Reviewers I Read is a page that has the list of names and websites of the other movie reviewers that I, well, read! They’re all incredible writers and bring a unique style that everyone can appreciate. Lastly, the About Me page (my least favorite), takes you to a page where I really try hard not to sound cocky or stuck up!

On the homepage, the first thing that will catch your eye is a slider with random posts on it. Well, those random posts are all movies that I’ve given a rating of a 4.5 or 5 this year. Below, you’ll see 6 different sections, organized by name. As a high school student, my budget is low and I don’t always have free time. As much as I would love to watch and review everything, I just can’t. This is why I post reviews in their respected categories whenever I watch a new movie. I usually watch all the new movies in theaters and will try to be better about DVD reviews. Indie Films are amazing and are on their own now, but I may combine them with VOD/Digital films too.

Included in those 6 categories, I also have places for New Movie Trailers, New Movie Pictures and Movie news! I love to watch trailers almost as much as I love to watch movies, so always expect a great trailer that will have you rambling about it for a while. I also love pictures, so you’ll find some awesome and interesting movie pictures there too! I also found it appropriate to have a Movie News section, because I can never shut up about movies. It only seemed liked the natural thing to do.

On the bottom of the page, you’ll find four other sections. All four are powered and provided by Fandango and will take you to Fandango’s site upon clicking the links. The sections include: New Movies, Coming Soon Movies, Box Office Results and Entertainment news! You don’t even have to click on the links! They display any and all info you might need!

If you’re visiting my site on a mobile device, things might look a bit different. On the slider, you can swipe your finger side-to-side to navigate between posts. Then there’s the navigation drop-down menu. If you click that, you’ll get a list of the different pages that you can go to. For the rest of the page, you’ll see each category followed by the 5 posts within it. If you are going to watch a trailer on your phones, I suggest you turn your phone sideways to watch. It makes it much easier and much more enjoyable!

Other than all of that, there’s not much more to my site. One big thing that I’ve done recently, besides changing my layout, is that I’ve stopped doing my Top Ten Thoughts on my reviews. To compile 10 things that I enjoyed and didn’t enjoy about a film was a very time consuming task that only set me back when writing. The tables for the Top Ten Thoughts also prevented me from writing everything out. I love to write and since I’ve switched writing styles, I feel I have more freedom over what I write. Plus, you all get more pictures! Who doesn’t love pictures?

Thank you all for all your support and for continuing to read my reviews! It really means a lot and it allows me to continue doing what I love! I’m an incredibly open person, so if you have any ideas or concerns about my site, please let me know! You are all the best and this site wouldn’t be possible without all of you and my good friend Mike Ward at He’s an amazing writer who helped me find my footing in the movie review world and I wouldn’t be doing all this without him!

Thanks again,

Nick Tiffany
Editor/Publisher – Nick Tiffany’s Movie Reviews


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