My Rating Scale

As far as rating movies goes, I’ve always gone off of the 5 STAR rating scale. I know many people do Letter Grades or some alternative forms, but I’ve always preferred STARS!

Unfortunately, it’s never easy when rating a movie. A lot of factors go into why I give a film a certain grade. I take into account: Direction, Acting, Script, Execution, Entertainment and a lot more. Just because I give two movies the same rating, doesn’t mean that they both suffered or were strengthened from the same factors. I hope that I can explain why a certain film earned a certain rating within the film’s review. Without further ado, here is what each STAR RATING means when I review a movie!


5 STARS (*****)

A perfect film that captured my attention and left me with something profound to take away.

4.5 STARS (****1/2)

A near perfect film that has a few issues that keep it form being a 5 STAR.

4 STARS (****)

A great film that still has issues, but is worth the watch!

3.5 STARS (***1/2)

A film that’s pretty good and is something you should definitely check out.

3 STARS (***)

A passable film that is full of issues but is still watchable.

2.5 STARS (**1/2)

A film that’s almost to the point of recommendation, but is more bad than it is good.

2 STARS (**)

A film that isn’t awful, but isn’t great either. It may have many good moments, but they’re overshadowed by the consistent bad ones.

1.5 STARS (*1/2)

A semi-okay film that is still pretty bad, but has some moments that you’ll enjoy.


A film that’s barely better than a half-star film, but better nonetheless.

.5 STAR (1/2*)

This is just a bad film. There is little to no redeeming value here and you’re better off never seeing this film.

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