Mad Max: Fury Road (2015)


After nearly 50 years since the collapsing of civilization, humanity has become corrupt and the powerful control the water, oil, and all the resources that humans need to survive. At the Citadel, Immortan Joe rules with an iron fist, controlling his subjects and the people he’s practically enslaved. When one of his more trusted soldiers, Imperator Furiosa (Charlize Theron), makes off with one of his largest trucks and the women used for breeding, Immortan Joe begins a furious trip to catch them and bring them back. Little does he know, Furiosa also has the hesitant help of Max (Tom Hardy), a hardened warrior trying to survive.

Max is in a tight spot.
Max is in a tight spot.

Mad Max: Fury Road explodes like a bat out of hell and ramps up all the nitrous it has, and then some! With some of the most elaborate and dangerous stunts performed in movie history, this film and its lack of CGI feels so authentic with every frame, as most of what you see actually happened. The creativity behind the characters, the world, the vehicles, and the lore (if you will) behind what’s happened to humanity is endlessly fascinating and this originally unique film stands out as the greatest blockbuster in years.

All credit for this masterpiece of a film must be given to director and creator of the Mad Max films, George Miller. At 70-years-old, this man is churning out some of the most exquisite footage that you have ever seen and most likely will ever see. His vision is clear and the amount of effort he puts into this film is monumental, with every scene looking more vivid and mind-blowing than the one before it. In terms of story, Miller’s female driven story is a fascinating look at the devolution of humanity, our values, and how the world would be changed by the corrupt. This film is absolutely bonkers and for the two-hour journey, your eyes are glued to the beauty held before you on the silver screen.

Furiosa takes down her enemy.
Furiosa takes down her enemy.

Leading the charge in this film is Charlize Theron, an actress known for her incredible range and breathtaking beauty, which matters not here as she’s kicking all kinds of ass. She’s perhaps the greatest female action here since Sigourney Weaver‘s Ripley in Alien and her motivation for rebellion is incredible. She’s not only searching for the place she once called home, where green trees are everywhere and women are free from the male oppression of becoming breeders, but she’s also taking her fellow women away from the singular life they live now. She knows they are more than breeding tools and if they don’t get out now, they never will. She’s willing to risk her own life for their survival and Theron plays her with excellence. She’s tough on the outside, but there are remnants of her past life which we see in more intimate moments.

For being the titular character, Tom Hardy’s Max is hardly the central character. I’m not even sure if he utters 30 lines throughout the whole film. He’s clearly a broken character, searching for something in the wasteland. He’s haunted by the visions of his past failures and when he gets roped into working alongside Furiosa, his moral compass steers him in a right direction for a change. Hardy, who’s Bane and Bronson solidified him as a threatening and powerful presence, goes to town on baddies when he has to and he does so with no remorse. He’s a curious character whom we may be seeing more of, but here he does exactly what he needs to find himself on the right side of this new history. He doesn’t ask for anything in return, making him even more incredible.

All kinds of win.
All kinds of win.

As a blockbuster, which this film most certainly is, Fury Road is redefining what that word means and the possibilities that come with it. In a world full of the best (but apparent) CGI in all of movie history, only 10% of this film can be a part of that not-so-exclusive club. The other 90% is all real stunts, vehicles, and insane flamethrower guitar solos (yes, it’s the coolest thing ever) and the fact that it all looks real makes things so much more insane. Some of the stunt work is death-defying, but it’s because of that you find yourself so invested in everything that’s going on. The modified cars are some of the coolest things you will ever see and the fact that this film is almost entirely two large chase scenes is unheard of. This film looms over the stuffy CGI films with okay scripts, chews them up, and spits them right out.

Mad Max: Fury Road needs to be seen to be believed. I could sit here and devote thousands of words to its excellence, but that’s time you could spend going to see it right now. It’s going to change the way you view big Summer movies from now on and that’s not necessarily a bad thing. The absurd realism in nearly all aspects of the film really challenges what we can do with practical effects and it’s refreshing to see something so real taking place before your eyes. This summer belongs to the badass women and Tom Hardy, who are here to pave the way to a better future.

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5 STARS!!!


5 / 5 stars     

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