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I think that we’ve all thought about what it would be like to be a police officer and if you haven’t, I think you’re crazy. They have awesome uniforms, they get to carry guns and tasers, and they drive cool cars and enforce the law. They’re heroes and they take down the bad guys in real life. Most people never put those thoughts into action, though, because police officers are constantly risking their lives for citizens they don’t know and that takes a certain type of person to do. So, thank you to the real Police Officers who are doing the job that many couldn’t

They totally pass for Cops!

They totally pass for Cops!

Having both just turned 30, Ryan (Jake Johnson) and Justin (Damon Wayans Jr.) are at a point in time where they thought that they’d be successful by now. Ryan is living off money from a commercial and Justin is a video game designer, whose ideas are never heard. When they’re invited to a costume party/college reunion, the two dress up as Cops because Wayans was making a Cops game and then a funny thing happens that night. Everywhere they go, people seem to think that they’re real cops, including all the real cops in the area.

While Justin thought it was fun for the night, Ryan can’t wait to suit back up and start messing around with more people. He even goes as far as buying a police car, red and blue lights, LAPD stickers, and promoting himself with sewed on rankings. Justin is hesitant, but the girl he likes (Nina Dobrev) has a thing for him and uniform, so he keeps up the charade. Things get tricky, however, when the two are faced with a real cop that trusts them (Rob Riggle) and a vicious criminal (James D’Arcy) that wants them dead. Do they turn themselves in, or do they try to act like cops and get the job done?

Let's smoke a joint with a Cop!

Let’s smoke a joint with a Cop!

Let’s Be Cops is easily one of the year’s worse films, as its tasteless jokes and portrayals of Cop duties are just a spit in the face to everyone watching. I sat in disbelief , as offensive jokes kept on going and as the film dragged on, and on. Were it not for the two leads, this film would easily garner my worst film of the year award right this second. However, despite how bad they are, I did laugh once, or twice. Still, the fact remains that this is a waste of a movie that was almost enough to get me to leave.

I don’t really watch New Girl all that much, but the episodes that I’ve seen are alright. I’m a fan of Jake Johnson (especially after Safety Not Guaranteed and Drinking Buddies) and Damon Wayans Jr. is fine, though I prefer the other Wayans more. Together on the show, they work well in a small setting and they can bro it up and all that jazz. On the big screen, they assumed they could do the same and they’ve got some really stupid chemistry. Wayans is a total wuss and Johnson is a total asshole for no good reason. We’re supposed to believe that they’re struggling and are just looking for fun, but their handling of LITERALLY every situation is awful. They made me laugh twice and then roll my eyes at them for the rest of the film.

Uh oh... Real trouble!

Uh oh… Real trouble!

Racist jokes are always in films, especially in buddy cop movies with a white and black lead. They always poke fun at each other and then act like big stereotypes at certain points. Aside from Wayans having to react stereotypically all the time, there are also a number of times where other characters had to act incredibly racist too. Of course the aggressive black woman’s name is something like Laquanda and of course she speaks in slang. Wayans name-tag that says “Chang” allows for a ton of asian jokes. More than that, Keegan-Michael Key’s character is some mashup of Hispanic and Jamaican and it’s horribly offensive. Even the kids in this film are swearing and the little black kid (Johnson’s little football rival) gets stuck with all the typically hilarious black sayings. It’s all in very poor taste and not funny in the slightest.

A huge issue I had with this film is separated into two parts. The first being that Johnson manages to get everything a Police Officer would have in a matter of days and for relatively cheap. They go on patrols, act like total idiots, and try to be just like cops. The second part is how they represented cops, as they made their jobs look easy and like anyone could do them. Of course, when real danger comes, they get cocky and realize that being a cop isn’t easy and that it takes real bravery. So, the two piggyback off that concept of real bravery and try to play it off like they know how hard it is and they really don’t. We’re supposed to believe that one tough scenario emphasizes what it’s like to be a cop for them and they’ve immediately learned their lessons. Their Hollywood ending is totally bogus.

It's a crazy dude! Laughter!

It’s a crazy dude! Laughter!

Obviously this film is meant to make people laugh, but it fails miserably at that job. I’m not quite sure how anyone approved this script, as its progression of the story was god-awful and the characters are all terribly written. Comedian Natasha Legerro has a bit part in this film as a sleazy woman who’s attempting to get with Johnson. She does drugs and then gets suggestive, only to fail each time. Somehow, they managed to get Andy Garciain this film and that really pissed me off. Rob Riggle is one of the only serious characters in the film, which is something I never thought I’d say. Unfortunately, he only gets a brief moment to shine and that damn Hollywood ending ruins any glimmer of hope that we had for his character. The bad guys in this film are all buffoons, with their leader having a terrible backstory and motivations. It’s all so mind-numbingly idiotic and the film was nearly two-hours long! I sat through it all, but boy do I wish I was anywhere else in the world.

Let’s Be Cops is just flat-out bad. Comedies should focus more on being funny in different forms for the audience, rather than focusing on being funny for the actors involved. I know Johnson and Wayans keep talking about how much fun they had together while making this, but the whole film can’t be one big joke between the two of them. Unfortunately, that’s what it felt like and the audience is subjected to their terrible humor. In theory, this film’s concept could work from a different approach, but it just misfires on every level here. Keep your money and don’t be cops with these guys. Let’s just not.

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.5 STAR!!!

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