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It has been 22 years since the closing of Jurassic Park and in its place is a new tourist attraction, Jurassic World. A fully functioning theme park, Jurassic World has dozens of species of Dinosaurs available for the audience’s pleasure and the park is kept under close watch of Claire (Bryce Dallas Howard), who two nephews (Nick Robinson & Ty Simpkins) come to visit one weekend. While their visit is going on, a genetically modified dinosaur is being prepped to be unveiled, until something terrible goes wrong. Velociraptor trainer and ex-NAVY man Owen Grady (Chris Pratt) is roped in to help stop the new dinosaur, but things worsen when the company InGen brings in their own military team.

The Mosasaurus needs feeding.
The Mosasaurus needs feeding.

Jurassic World packs a whole lot of bite and even more nostalgia as the story unfolds over time. Smartly, the film attempts to have the audience follow two young boys who see the park in a whole different way. Drenched with metaphors and ironic social commentaries on the film industry, which it also is guilty of committing, Jurassic World manages to stay afloat because of its cast and the overall enjoyment its Dinosaurs bring. There is a sense of wonder that overcame me during our IMAX 3D Press Screening (not to brag, but to highlight that this is the way to see it) and entertainment won me over in the end!

Chris Pratt, Star Lord himself, carries this film more so than the impressive dinosaurs. Sporting his quick wit and ability to carry out action scenes on a whim, Pratt has a ton of fun in a role which compliments him perfectly as an actor. He’s the perfect amount of charismatic that this film needs, but he also brings an emotional connection to the dinosaurs and their well-being. As if he were placed in the 80’s, he’s also got an unbelievable amount of one-liners which elicit lots of laughter. He also makes a great role model for the two young boys, who also enjoy their fair share of running from Dinosaurs and a brotherly subplot which preaches a great message about growing up, but sticking together.

Indominus Rex waits for its prey/
Indominus Rex waits for its prey/

Given the impressive visual effects we’ve seen in recent years, Jurassic World manages to bring some freshness with the look and feel of these dinosaurs. Everything from seemingly endless rows of teeth and spikes, to the battered and scraped skin of a beaten dinosaur has so much detail and care given to it. The impressive size of some of these dinos is also terrifying on the big screen. There’s a lot of emphasis put on the emotions of the dinosaurs and what breeding them in captivity can do to their mental state. It sounds like a stretch, but Jurassic World is a fully functioning theme park with a petting zoo and these dinosaurs only know the walls around them, which can make the outside world dangerous for everyone. The bond Pratt has with the raptors expertly highlights that when treated properly, we can coexist with even the scariest of creatures.

Some have been wondering and I’ll just say that this film isn’t as good as the original film, but I don’t think many expected it to be. It certainly pays homage to Jurassic Park, but director Colin Trevorrow and his writing team weren’t afraid to come up with a crazy vision. What shocked me most about this film was all the violence and the creative kills by dinosaurs I witnessed. They really don’t hold anything back and it’s terrifying to watch, while also managing to be to very fun to witness. They also venture into the realm of genetic modification, which was interesting and somewhat silly (though not as silly as Raptor’s replacing U.S. soldiers, but we’ll get to that in a moment). Genetic mutation is a highly debated topic in the media already and the advantages it can bring are monumental. You also have to be wary of the drastic side effects, which get a bit wonky here too.

Owen trains the Raptors with a balance of trust and mutual respect.
Owen trains the Raptors with a balance of trust and mutual respect.

For as fun as this film is (and it’s a lot of fun), this film is also the most bizarre sequel I’ve seen in a long while. As is the norm for big films with new weaponry/animals/discoveries, some private military wants to use these new things to their advantages. Imagine raptors in the middle east, replacing our soldiers? Yeah, it’s pretty silly. Of course, there’s a convenient series of events which essentially retells the first film and how things went wrong, but this time they added some more science to disguise it. Incompetent characters make poor decisions and things progress as you’d think they would.

Jurassic World has already cleared $500 Million dollars worldwide in just one weekend. It’s become the center of dozens of think pieces as to whether it’s really that good at all, but the numbers speak for themselves. Numerous friends of mine have gone to repeat viewings and the reaction is pretty much the same each time. If you wanted to over-analyze this film, you could have a field day and come up with hundreds of reasons why it might be bad. I don’t think it’s all that great, but I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t one of the more fun film experiences you’ll have this year. Who doesn’t love watching dinosaurs terrorize humans and each other?

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3.5 STARS!!!

3.5 / 5 stars     

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