Inside Llewyn Davis Trailer (2013)

Oscar Isaac and his cat ride along in a car, as opposed to all the walking they do, in Inside Llewyn Davis.

This is the second Inside Llewyn Davis trailer from CBS!

Inside Llewyn Davis is the latest film from Oscar-winning directors, Joel & Ethan Coen (No Country For Old Men, Fargo, The Big Lebowski). Continuing with their tradition, the Coen Brothers have written this film about Llewyn Davis (Oscar Isaac), a folk-singer/song-writer who is struggling to make it in the business. He winds up in Greenwich Village in New York as he attempts to sign to a label. Along the way, he’s constantly faced with opposition from his sister Jean (Carey Mulligan), whose husband, Jim (Justin Timberlake), is a successful and well-known singer. He’s constantly told that folk music will never gain any traction and that he’s wasting his life. The film details a week in his life.

The Coen brothers are notorious for writing and directing both funny and serious movies. This time around, it looks as if Inside Llewyn Davis will be one of their most serious movies. The film deals heavily with those who try their best to achieve their dreams, but ultimately fall short. In the film, there are many songs that the characters actual performed live! It looks like that Les Miserables live-singing decision has rubbed off on the Coen brothers! With a great cast and two great directors, as well as high praise from festivals, I see Inside Llewyn Davis being one of the year’s best!

This film will be released on December 20, 2013 and is rated R for language including some sexual references.

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