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IN A WORLD… Those three words have been uttered time and time again in some of the most epic of movie trailers. We’ve all tried to do voice over impressions, but not many of us can do them well. As of now, only few people get paid the big bucks to do trailer voice overs. Most notable, is Don LaFontaine, the man who coined the term “In A World”. Unfortunately, Don passed in 2008.

That’s where we begin our story. It’s been years since Don LaFontaine has passed and no one has dared to use his phrase. Well, until now. A successful series of books about Amazonian warrior princesses is being adapted into a quadrilogy and the movies need someone to bring back the “In A World” phrase. Immediately, we’re introduced to Carol (Lake Bell), a young vocal coach who’s also quite good with accents. She trains women and does voice overs for some movies, but she’s never broken into the trailer business, where her father Sam (Fred Melamed) is one of the power players. Unfortunately for Carol, her father happens to be on the side of thinking that believes that there is no place for a female voice in the world of trailers.

Carol, determined to prove her father wrong, manages to land a gig for a kids movie and works with her studio associates Louis (Demetri Martin), Cher (Tig Notaro) and Heners (Nick Offerman). Everyone believes that Carol can work in trailers, but it’s men like her father and the newest in big name trailer voices, Gustav (Ken Marino), that keep her at bay. While Carol is dealing with getting more jobs and beating out Gustav, her father is campaigning for Gustav to become the new man to utter those famous words. On top of all of this, Carol finds herself tangled up in an odd romance with Gustav(whom doesn’t know who she is) and having feelings for Louis (who feels the exact same way).

On the side, we get a story about Carol’s sister Dani (Michaela Watkins) and her husband, Gary (Rob Corddry). Their marriage is somewhat fading and having Carol stay with them doesn’t help things. This story plays alongside of Carol’s goal to become the new voice for the quadrilogy. Both stories don’t really intertwine, but they inevitably bring the sisters closer when their father and his extremely young girlfriend Jamie (Alexandra Holden) make some questionable decisions. All of these events unfold in ways you wouldn’t normally think, but they definitely satisfy and make for a fun watch.

The reason that In A World works, is because it uses satire very well. The whole film kind of targets the movie industry and the lack of opportunities and trust they have for women. Lake Bell has certainly proved that a woman can come along and direct, write and star in her own film that’s actually good. The film isn’t without faults (mainly the side story that has no reason to be there), best as a first effort from Lake Bell, it’s a very good one that will entertain and amuse audiences. If you’re still searching for a reason to go see In A World, search no further than my Top Ten Thoughts below!

Lake Bell makes many amusing faces as she tries to perfect her vocal skills.

Lake Bell makes many amusing faces as she tries to perfect her vocal skills.

What I Enjoyed

What I Didn’t Enjoy

Lake Bell does a great job Directing, Writing and acting in this movie.

While this film is a lot of fun, it’s somewhat forgettable. No dialog really stays with you.

This is an original idea for a movie that, as odd as it seems, is pretty significant.

There is a side story involving Rob Corddry and Michaela Watkins that has no business being there. It’s completely unrelated.

The realism behind the voice over industry’s lack of female voices is a great issue that’s handled well.

Ken Marino is really funny in this film, but I feel like we don’t get to see enough of him or his actions when certain things happen.

This film is very funny. Whether it’s the faces and warm ups the vocalists do or the accents Bell can do, I laughed a lot.

Nick Offerman is also an underused member of this cast. He’s one of the funniest guys out there, but he’s limited to only a few lines in this movie.

The chemistry between Lake Bell and Demetri Martin is hilarious and real.

While he does play a big role, Demetri Martin should have been incorporated more.He and Bell worked very well together.

The relationship between Bell and her successful father speaks to those who always feel like they’re in their parents shadow.

All the voice over work in the film is really good, but it’s not used as much as you would think. We get the standard “In A World” and a few other lines, but more of that would have helped the film.

This film is somewhat satirical in dealing with the movie industry and it worked very well!

Too much time is focused on the side story, when we could have spent more time with Bell’s character as she adapts to doing voice overs.

The side story in this film, while unnecessary, has some great moments.

I was hoping that the film would explore the relationship between Bell’s character and her father a bit more. It’s an odd one that would have benefited from more depth.

The supporting cast in this film is awesome! They’re having fun and it makes the film that much more fun.

There are more than a few events in this film that drag on for a bit too long. The comedy is either hit or miss and it varies from scene to scene.

Lake Bell succeeds in telling a hilariously odd story about the voice over industry that makes for a very enjoyable film.

As fun as this film is, it’s somewhat forgettable, which is a shame because it could have been better if the supporting cast was more involved.


In A World is a wonderful first directorial and writing effort from Lake Bell. She plays off of Hollywood’s reluctance to involve women in larger roles and it pays off because she delivers a good movie! The comedy is hit or miss and the side story is unnecessary, but as a whole, the film is a lot of fun to watch! Watch for more from Lake Bell, because I feel like she’ll be offering up a lot more pretty soon!

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4 STARS!!!

4 / 5 stars     

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