Frances Ha (2013)

Greta Gerwig is queen of the indie films. She has been working for a while and has recently garnered more attention with some of her recent films, including the great “Lola Versus” from last year. Gerwig possesses this ability to be incredibly goofy and very real, while also putting truth and emotion into her performances. She really connects with  the audience and to our everyday experiences. She quirky, funny, unreserved, and does a fantastic job in her latest and greatest film, Frances Ha! Oh, and she also co-wrote this script which is even better!

Frances Ha follows Frances (Greta Gerwig), as she struggles to make ends meet in New York as a dancer. She spends most her time with her best-friend and co-leaser, Sophie (Mickey Sumner). The two are described as each other, but with different hair. Their chemistry is fantastic and their unedited humor will have you smiling and laughing along the way. However, things go awry for Frances when Sophie decides to move in with another friend who lives in a better location that’s closer to her work.

Frances, now in search of a place to stay, is living day to day not knowing what to expect. Will she actually do something productive? Will she just lie around all day? Who knows? For Frances, each day holds something new and unexpected. She hops around apartments and tries to get into more dancing, but always finds herself coming up short. Regardless of her troubles, she never loses her spirit and her embracing of reality. No matter the situation, Frances will always have control over how you’re feeling.

What we get from Frances Ha is a lot and a little at the same time. The script is fantastic and will really engage you. The script also isn’t too much. It doesn’t deal with a lot. If anything, the movie is about Frances and focuses primarily on her day to day life. What we get within those days, however, is truly magical and completely relatable. For a film that doesn’t have too much to offer on paper, we get so much more than we could expect. To continue my thoughts, here are my Top Ten Thoughts on Frances Ha!


Guess what? We are the hottest girls of the summer! Plus, who doesn’t love a quirky girl living a comedic and depressing life?

What I Enjoyed

What I Enjoyed Also

Greta Gerwig IS the Queen of Summer.

Gerwig will display every mood that you will feel for her.

Gerwig and Sumner’s chemistry works incredibly well.

Gerwig plays a hopeless girl who is unlucky, which is different from most protagonists.

The tangents the characters go off on are hilarious and eventually come full circle.

Gerwig’s apartment hopping rings true for anyone barely getting by to do what they love.

Gerwig is awkward and clumsy, but that’s why we love her.

Gerwig’s sense of endearment is inspiring, even as we see her constantly come up short.

This film really isn’t about much. However, that makes its’ script even better.

The story telling in this film shifts from narration to simple camera shots that blend well.

The lies we tell to make it seem as if we are doing well are brilliantly displayed here.

Zegen and Huesinger are the best roommates ever.They’re hilarious and pretty laid back.

I loved the Black and White look. It’s timeless, in my opinion.

I like that Gerwig and her partner Noah Baumbach co-wrote this film.

The language and phrases in this film are downright hilarious!

For a film about nothing, we get to know Frances very well and slowly, we begin to love her.

Paris is a setting in this film and it’s beautiful.

The 86 minutes that the film runs for is a pleasant and quick escape into someone else’s life.

I don’t follow the Ballet, but the dance sequences in this film were lovely.

Gerwig with move you. She’s extraordinary and does wonders! She’s so underrated for how talented she its.


Frances Ha is a film for everyone. Each moment of the film is a relatable instance that we all go through. Gerwig is fantastic and delivers, what I think is, her best performance to date. She’s simply wonderful and should really get some buzz for this film. Please do yourself a favor and check out her earlier work. This film may not be for everyone, but for those who enjoy simplicity and a good time, Frances Ha offers you just that! It’s certainly one of the best and most enjoyable films I’ve seen this year and I urge you to make the trip to the theater to see this unconventional, yet wonderful film!

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4.5 STARS!!!

4.5 / 5 stars     

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