Fast and Furious 6 (2013)

Vin Diesel and his crew are back in action after their mega hit: Fast 5! This movie is without a doubt my favorite movie of the Summer (so far). No one should go in to this film expecting any more than a Fast and Furious movie. Fast 5 turned the series around when it brought a group of expert drivers and hackers together to pull of an incredible heist (which included dragging a giant safe through the streets). Before Fast 5, the previous movies were many about street races. Now, in Fast and Furious 6, we get races, tanks, airplanes, explosions, fights, and even more! This movie is incredible in its action and over the top absurdity. It’s the most fun I’ve had at a movie in a long time. It’s not Oscar-worthy by any means, but they knew that when they made the movie. They made a film that’s tons of fun for everyone and will have your excitement rising consistently all throughout the film. Seriously, this movie kicked ass. So did The Rock (who seems to be in every movie this year… But I’m okay with that). If one were so inclined, they could pick this movie apart and find tons wrong with it, but that would be a disservice to you, the ones wondering whether or not to see it. Trust me when I say that “Fast and Furious 6 is the most fun you’re going to have at the movies this Summer”. Without further ado, I present Tiffany’s Top Ten Thoughts on Fast and Furious 6!



Pays homage to the previous film, including Tokyo Drift!

The crew is very eager to aid Vin… especially Paul Walker and his wife… who just had a baby.

The whole crew works really well together – great cast and great chemistry.

Not the greatest plot. Fast 5’s is still better, but this movie still rocks.

Scenery with the races is fantastic – fast paced and enjoyable to watch.

The trailer gave away a lot of the action scenes, but they’re amazing in the moment still.

The new cars and technology are sexy! When they blow up is even better.

Too much damage done in London to have zero repercussions.

The Rock is awesome (what’s new)! Don’t piss him off though. He kicks ass.

Vin Diesel and Michelle Rodrigues rely on convenience… a lot.

Paul Walker needs to be in a lot more movies. He’s really good!

Some of the technology is farfetched… But it’s still really, really cool.

The Tank is gigantic and destroys cars with ease in one of the coolest scenes.

Vin’s voice is really weird… Is something stuck in his throat?

Nice twists towards the end. Not Shyamalan like, but still unexpected.

Paul Walker should’ve been more cautious, seeing as he has a new baby son.

The last 15 minutes on the runways are incredible. Gets better by the minute!

Longest Runway Ever… but I don’t even care. It was the coolest scene!

Does a great job of setting up Fast and Furious 7 with a great story and villain.

Ending is awesome but slightly upsetting.


Fast and Furious 6 is the most entertaining movie in theaters right now. I highly recommend that you go see this movie sooner, rather than later. It’s an adrenaline filled, action packed, over the top, awesome movie that I think just about everyone is going to love. Does it follow along with the laws of physics? Not particularly. Does it seem somewhat realistic most of the time? Nope. Is it an incredible, Oscar-worthy story? Nada. This is Fast and Furious 6. They know exactly what kind of movie they made and they should be proud of it. I enjoyed it more than any other movie (aside from ┬áThe Place Beyond The Pines – review to come) that I’ve seen this year. I cannot emphasize enough at how much fun this film is. You’ll be squirming with excitement in you seat and you might even let out a few “HOLY SH*T” comments. You’ll also laugh hysterically whenever Tyrese Gibson and Ludacris are in a scene together. They’re a great duo. Fast and Furious 6 also brought back a great quote to live by (not really, but it’s really cool): “Ride or Die”. You can either ride to the theaters and see this jaw-dropping film before it’s too late, or die a bit inside when you’ve realized that you’ve missed out on one of the greatest in-theater experiences in a long time!

Fast and Furious 6 Trailer

3.5 STARS!!!

3.5 / 5 stars     

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