Europa Report (2013)

Europa Report is certainly not a big, blockbuster film. It’s a lower budget Sci-Fi movie that, in my opinion, is one of the better Sci-Fi movies I’ve seen in awhile. The movie follows the exploration of a Space Crew to Jupiter’s moon, Europa. The goal being: We will find water and life underneath Europa’s icy surface. The movie is shot in very distinctive ways. We’ll get some POV’s, some far-shots, some Found-Footage shots, and even some mixed shots. Altogether, the ever-changing film style really works for THIS film.

What I really liked about this film, is that it captures that American essence of wanting to explore what’s out there in the universe. We’ve all wondered the same thing. Are we alone in the universe? Is it possible for other species to live on other planets? Well, in Europa Report, the business side of the mission explain that Europa’s icy surface is caused by the temperature fluctuation and the combination of hot water patches below the ice’s surface. These conditions suggest that under the ice is a vast ocean that has ┬ásimilar living conditions to those of oceans on Earth. This fuels the drive for wanting to see if it’s really true.

This film also holds true to Sci-Fi legends like 2001: A Space Odyssey and Moon, in the sense that its’ depiction of space is very realistic. If someone is outside the pod, in space, all you hear is their breathing in the microphone. The eerie silence of space and the motionless stars add a layer of intrigue and spookiness. The cast does a great job of seeming lifelike in certain scenarios. While it has many aspects of horror and fright, this film always has that underlying presence of adventure into the unknown that really helps connect you to the it. I really like this movie a lot and you’ll see more of why that is in my Top Ten Thoughts on Europa Report!


Check out the view… Beats staring at Uranus… (Yes, I did just make a joke about Uranus. It’s not that of a deal…)

What I Enjoyed

What I Didn’t Enjoy

This low-budget Sci-Fi films knocks a lot of other big-budget ones out of the water. Story is better than effects.

While 90 minutes should be a praised runtime, I kind wish the movie was longer. The ending is really interesting and I wanted to see more.

The feeling of exploration into the unknown and what that unknown may hold really captivates you in this movie. It feels very realistic.

Some of the sequences, while being realistic, seemed a bit cheesy.

Speaking of realistic, the depiction of space in this film is stellar! It feels like a realistic movie that doesn’t involve people screaming in space, where no one should be able to hear you.

This movie needs more Sharlto. He has such a unique presence about him that immediately makes you enjoy watching him perform.

The stylized shots in this film were constantly chancing which always got your attention. All sequences were filmed well and mixed well together too!

The ending turns anticlimactic once the film ends. It’s so cool! But then, that’s it.

This film is very informative. You learn a lot about the moon, Europa, and a lot about space travel and what it takes to achieve a successful shuttle mission.

Some of the sequences seem poorly edited and have some low lighting. I guess that’s what you get for 2 weeks of filming…

Sharlto Copley, form District 9, gives a very great performance in this film that will have you liking him even more!

It’s not the most original premise, but I still really enjoyed it!

This film was shot in a matter of a couple weeks which is very impressive, considering some of what the actors had to interact with.

This movie grabs some aspects of other Sci-Fi greats and uses them. However, they’re used well!

The set design is very, very cool and very realistic. The props and sets also look incredibly convincing.

It’s really not as “scary” as it’s being made out to be. There are a few frightening moments, but those come from the realism of the situation.

While it’s being billed as found footage film, this film is hardly that. Which is a big plus in my books.

Some sequences can get somewhat “boring” at times, but they end pretty quickly and move on to something new.

This film just goes to show that even a smaller, lower-budget film can possess the heart that separates it from the blockbuster giants.

Like We Steal Secrets, I really enjoyed this movie and didn’t have a lot of problems with it. It’s a very good movie!


This film has a lot of really great aspects to it. It’s relatable, it’s adventurous, it’s got a great cast, and it has a lot of heart. It’s very accurate in terms of its’ spacial deception and I applaud that. It’s a lot of fun to watch and is definitely one of the better films that I’ve seen this year! This is an independent film, so it’s getting limited release on August 2nd, but you can watch it now in the comfort of your own home on these “hot days” at or at Renting is always a nice option!

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4 STARS!!!

4 / 5 stars     

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