Edge of Tomorrow Trailer (2014)

Tom Cruise, undeniably the world’s biggest action star, is venturing into the realm of Sci-Fi for the second straight year. After his  2013 hit, Oblivion, Cruise has everything going for him. In Edge of Tomorrow, he plays a soldier that repeats the same day over, and over. During an alien invasion, something happened to him and he needs to find Emily Blunt, as the same thing happened to her.

This film looks really cool and the comparisons to Groundhog Day are clearly notable. However, this film is based on the Japanese graphic novel, All You Need is Kill and it looks insanely awesome. Tom Cruise is a guy you can rely on and based off of this trailer alone, you’re going to want to add this film to your most anticipated list. Look below for the awesome Edge of Tomorrow trailer!

This film will be released on June 6, 2014 and is Not Yet Rated.

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