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While 2013 may have brought us some of the best films in quite some time, the Summer movie season really wasn’t all that great, or eventful. There wasn’t much in terms of standout action and Sci-Fi that people loved, so everyone was hoping that 2014’s Summer would be a step up. Fortunately, it has been so far and we’ve seen some really awesome films. Now, the King of Summer/Action movies is back to claim his rightful place and he does so with glorious ease. Be prepared for the Summer’s most fun movie… so far…

Bill Cage is now a part of the invasion.

Bill Cage is now a part of the invasion.

In the not-so-distant future, Earth has been attacked by Aliens known as “mimics” and they’ve begun to take over the world on the European fronts. To combat this threat, mech-warrior suits have been created, so that soldiers can stand a chance and kill more mimics than ever thought possible. Lt. Bill Cage (Tom Cruise) is the man in charge of marketing those suits and his world is one of ease, until he’s asked to join the front lines and film the effectiveness of the suits. Denying the command, Cage is arrested and dropped into a base outside Paris, where Master Sergeant Farell (Bill Paxton) berates him for being a deserter and has him hooked into a mech-suit. During the invasion in Paris, Cage witnesses total annihilation and dies himself, but not before a strange-looking mimic’s blood fuses with his own.

Next thing he knows, Cage awakes at the base the previous day and everything that happened that day before, reoccurs. The same conversations take place, the same soldiers die, and the surprise attack is still foiled, as the mimics knew the attack was coming. After dying repeatedly, Cage attempts to adapt to the future and finds himself saving Rita Vrataski (Emily Blunt), the ARMY’s most decorated soldier. She knows what’s happening to Cage and tells him to “come find me” when he wakes up. Upon meeting her a day earlier, the two train Cage to use his new power, as she once had it too. Cage holds the key to winning the war, but he needs to learn to use the mimics power and find the Omega Mimic that could end the war, before the human’s lose.

Bill finds Rita and asks her to train him.

Cage finds Rita and asks her to train him.

Edge of Tomorrow is the epitome of outstandingly awesome summer movies that we all look forward to. Not only is it filled to the brim with action, but it’s also a really smart and often hilarious story that sets it apart from what we’ve seen lately. With mech-suits galore and one of the creepiest/coolest enemies of late, there are limitless engaging scenes that will appeal to anyone and a complex story of time and repetition that prove to be increasingly entertain as the story goes on. I just had the most entertaining time watching this film and I only wish that I could reset the day and watch this film over, and over again.

Tom Cruise, ladies and gentlemen, is still the definitive action star of the world. There’s absolutely no denying this fact and here, Cruise is on top of his game and loving every second of what he’s doing. Whether it’s running, shooting, cracking-wise, or charming everyone with his smile, Cruise does everything right to get us on his side and rooting for his ever-growing character. His character lives through so many days and his constant dying and re-living days over is very cool, but also absolutely hilarious, as Cruise dreads having to re-do everything. He plays the whole “man-who-knows-exactly-what-people-will-do” with great confidence as he tries to convince people to change their path, but of course he’s met with resistance and must adapt. Fortunately, he adapts quickly and kicks major ass in the process.

Cage and Rita plan their next moves to stay ahead of the mimics.

Cage and Rita plan their next moves to stay ahead of the mimics.

Emily Blunt has played a lot of hilarious and dramatic roles, so it was a joy to watch her shed those roles and suit-up for her most entertaining role yet. It’s clear why her character is dubbed “Full Metal Bitch”, as Blunt and her sword do more damage than most of the soldiers combined. She doesn’t fear death and she has a burning hatred for the adaptive mimics. She also isn’t above taking your ammo when you die and even killing you if need be. She plays a balance of tough and emotional, which mixes great with Cruise’s smart and emotional. Blunt sees things from a military perspective, but she still had a heart and that gets more clear as she and Cruise get a bit further with each reset of the day. Never has anyone looked so beautiful, while also kicking more ass than everyone else. Blunt’s character is a force to be reckoned with and is easily one of the greatest female co-leads in recent film history.

With a time-based concept, Edge of Tomorrow could have been a total flop. Having to repeat the same day could have been tiresome to watch and this film could have been completely serious, but director Doug Liman had other things in mind. While the film is still serious to some degree, Liman lets us know just how obnoxious resetting the day is for Cruise by highlighting his most frustrating and random deaths. Anything can kill you in this world and we see a bit of that when Cruise is trying to make a new path and create a new path for others. The concept of time and repetition is played-out beautifully, as the characters attempt to adapt to the future and make the impact they need to. However, all the training and hard-work might not always pay off, as their enemy is always changing their future too. It’s a refreshing story that’s different enough to make it standout in the crowd and it’s Sci-Fi at its most fun.

Time to go kick some ass.

Time to go kick some ass.

As I’ve said before, graphic novels seem to be the root of a lot of the best films we’ve seen in the past decade-and-a-half. Edge of Tomorrow joins those prestigious and wonderful films and it makes a solid impact in the world of Sci-Fi. The mimics, though we don’t know much about them, are very cool to watch and their movements and killings are shockingly rapid. Their invasion and push through Europe, as well as the invasion on the beach that inevitably fails, is representative of a lot of aspects from WWII and combat and politics come into play in this story too. Every character’s reaction seems natural for the environment that’s set up and Bill Paxton really sells us with his Sergeant spouting off war jargon. The battles are of the epic proportion and everything is done just right. Props to Christope Beck for another great soundtrack too!

Combining all the right elements of Sci-Fi, Action, and even Comedy, Edge of Tomorrow solidifies itself as the best blockbuster film thus far and proves to be the most entertaining thing I’ve seen all year. Cruise and Blunt do an extraordinary job in their lead roles and the two have some fantastic chemistry. This film is very smart, but it also realizes the value of comedy amid its exploration of resetting days and that makes the film all the more engaging. Whether you’re coming for Cruise, Blunt, superb action, an awesome story, or for a thrilling ride, Edge of Tomorrow does a marvelous job of emphasizing why we go see movies in the first place.

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5 STARS!!!

5 / 5 stars     

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